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7 #TBT Valentine's Day Instagram Captions To Create The Perfect Vintage Feed

by Cat Bowen

Figuring out the best captions for Instagram seems almost a cottage industry at this point. It's so difficult to get it right all the time, even if your pictures are #goals. When it comes to a #TBT post, it can get even trickier because you're not describing something current, rather you're looking to encapsulate a moment in the past through the lens of today. While this can lead to hilarious results, it can go awry fairly quickly, and you'll end up with #facepalm. I'm here to help. I've compiled the best #TBT Valentine's Day captions, because sometimes you just need a nudge.

In the land of throwback Thursday, there are several categories of pictures. There's the wayback photo of a photo (something from your childhood, perhaps), there's the more recent "regram" of your images thanks to Instagram adopting the "memories" function, and then there's the #TBT that literally happened 15 minutes ago, and you're capitalizing on the hashtag by being ironic. They're all great and have their place, but when you add in the holiday factor, things can get hairy.

It's all about wielding the hashtags and irony properly. Too many hashtags, and you look like you're selling something, too few and it looks like you don't have a 'gram game. Find the balance and you win. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year, here are some #TBT captions for your vintage posts.


Childhood Picture Of Your Valentine's Day Party

Where I grew up, we all made elaborate boxes for our valentines out of shoe and cereal boxes where our classmates could place their cards for us. It was like a mailbox for valentines overly decorated in Ninja Turtles and JTT stickers. And so. much. glitter. Sharing a picture of your classroom party? Try this one:

"#TBT Um, #weirdflex but OK, little me, glad you were so proud of the four valentines you received."


To Your First Valentine's Day With Your (Current) Partner

I honestly don't remember my first Valentine's Day with my husband. There is definitely no photographic evidence, but I got married a million years ago, and before Instagram. If you're of the post-IG epoch, you definitely have a Valentine's selfie in your roll.

"#TBT to the first #VDay with my sweetie! So romantic, so free of children, so much more expensive than this year's #netflixandchill date, but I wouldn't trade you for anything. #parentslife #domestic #arethekidsasleepyet"


Throwback To High School

Ah, adolescent Valentine's Day. In middle school and high school where I grew up, you used to be able to buy roses and have them delivered to your special someone in class. Did I ever get one? No. Am I bitter about it? Of course.

Are you sharing a high school cringe Valentine? (Because that's all there could possibly be.) Try this one:

"#TBT to a simpler time when #VDay meant #PDA and mylar balloons. #cringe #bracesinjury #betterthanBellaAndEdward #teamJacob"


To Last Week When You Could Actually Get A Sitter

This one speaks for itself. It's a good memory. Let's not sully it with too much sarcasm.

"#TBT to all the parents out there going out for #ValentinesDay some time in Mid-January because that's when you could get a sitter. #gotmyyogapantson #pizzanight #schoolnight"


Wedding Kiss Pic

Everyone's shared a #TBT of their wedding kiss if they're married, and what better day to do it than on Valentine's Day?

"#TBT to our first married kiss. I'd totally embarrass myself by making out in front of clergy all over again for you, my #forevervalentine. #churchtongue #pearlclutching"


#TBT To Last Year's Valentine's Day

Looking forward to filling out all your children's Valentine's Day cards and forcing them to sign all 35? Me either, but you did snap a pic of last year's mess, so you may as well do a side-by-side #TBT and current photo.

"#TBT to doing this all over again. 10 Moana valentines down, infinity to go. #banValentines #teamcupcakes #crampedhand"


A Pic Of Your Parents

While we all choose to patently ignore any correlation between how we celebrate the holiday with how our parents do, we do like to show them off when we can.

"#TBT to the Valentines who made me. #goals #ew #lovemomanddad"