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Fans Are Worried About Kate & Her Baby On 'This Is Us'

Kate has been on a real rollercoaster in Season 3 of This Is Us. First she went into labor much too early, then spent hours at the hospital while the doctors and nurses did what they could to save her and her baby. Eventually Kate had to have an emergency c-section, meaning her newborn son Jack is months premature. And while he's okay for now, these 7 theories about Kate's baby on This Is Us make it seem like Jack isn't out of the woods yet.

There are a lot of complications that can come from having a baby weeks ahead of schedule. Little Jack, Jr. will likely have to stay at the hospital until he's strong enough to survive without round-the-clock care. But he's not the only one in danger. All this stress could put a strain on Kate and Toby, too. In the preview for tonight's episode, "Don't Take My Sunshine Away," Toby seemed especially overwhelmed by all of his anxieties about Jack.

These fan theories try to figure out what the next step in the story will be. There are many ways This Is Us could explore the tension and fear Kate and Toby are dealing with, as well as the impact their situation will have on the rest of the family. Some of these theories are decidedly tragic, but that doesn't mean they're entirely implausible.

Just Buy Stock In Kleenex At This Point

Reddit user lulai_00 speculated that even though Jack, Jr. is doing okay for the moment, it wouldn't last. They thought there was still a chance that the baby could die. But that might be too brutal even for This Is Us, a show that delights in the tears of its audience.

Mama Bear

But lulai_00 could see other possibilities, too. They thought that perhaps the baby's rough transition into the world could result in Kate becoming hyper-protective and obsessive about keeping Jack safe. That would make a lot of sense, even if Kate would have to learn to relax eventually.


A premature birth can result in complications, and Reddit user leo080997 thought that could play into baby Jack's story going forward. Perhaps his early arrival could result in a disability. It would be an important story for the show to tackle, especially because raising a child with a disability isn't something they've touched on much so far.

An Ominous Future

One of the biggest fears fans have in Season 3 is that Kate is going to die. This Is Us emphasized her high-risk pregnancy and she's been in the hospital more than once in the last two years. It seems especially suspect because Kate didn't appear in any of the flash forwards to the future. As Jack, Sr. proved, this show is willing to kill off a major character — though the good news is it'll still keep them around.

A Difficult Present

Toby already seems incredibly (and understandably) stressed by all the negative possibilities when it comes to Jack's future. Redditor strikeuhpose thought that might cause Toby to struggle with his depression again. He's been on an up and down journey with his mental health this season already, so it would make sense for him to have another depressive episode after dealing with something so intense.

Generational Echo Effect

In a flashback to the first Jack's childhood, it was revealed that his violent, alcoholic father had once been sober and much kinder. Viewers still don't know what caused his personality to change, but mattmentecky believes it could have been the loss of a third child after Nicky. They predicted that one day the show would do an episode that revolved around Jack's mom losing her baby, Rebecca losing her third triplet, and Kate losing her child. They didn't specify if they were referring to Kate's miscarriage or baby Jack, but either is possible.

A Potential Split

There's been a lot of nervous theorizing about the state of Randall and Beth's marriage, but what about Kate and Toby? It looks like they're about to enter a rough patch after Jack's birth, and they might not be able to work their way through it. It's possible they could decide to divorce, which may be another explanation for why Kate wasn't in the flash forwards.

No matter what happens on This Is Us (and how many tears it wrings from its fans), there's one guarantee: the Pearsons will weather any new tragedy together. And that's a minor comfort.