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'Cloak & Dagger' May Introduce New Threats In Season 2

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger tells the story of teenagers Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson, two kids with vastly different lives who are nevertheless connected by some supernatural force. They both have powers that work best when they're together, something they had to navigate throughout the first season. The show returns to Freeform on Apr. 4, and these 7 theories for Cloak & Dagger Season 2 try to find answers for the show's many mysteries.

Tandy and Tyrone's powers are different, but mirror each other. Tandy can see people's hopes and desires with a touch, while Tyrone can access their fears. She can also create daggers of light, whereas he can teleport people by sweeping them into a cloak of darkness. Their abilities spring from a traumatic event they both survived as children: an exploding oil rig that killed Tandy's father and Tyrone's brother. The repercussions of that brought added complications to their lives, but luckily they had each other to rely on.

A lot will change for Tandy and Tyrone in Season 2. According to Collider, they both find their circumstances greatly altered since the first season, which will be something they struggle with in the new episodes. These fan theories try to predict what may happen to Tandy and Tyrone as they try to adjust to their new circumstances.

A New Villain

Reddit user Majian18 had an idea for a new villain in Season 2: Predator, a demonic creature from the comics. According to them, Predator is a very old being from the Darkforce dimension, which gives him a lot of control over his Darkforce powers. But Lightforce is his weakness, so Tandy and Tyrone may have an opportunity to defeat him, even if doing so wouldn't be easy.

Threats From All Directions

Redditor barayaoi had a counterargument for the above theory: they thought that Mayhem would be the big bad of Season 2. In the comics, cop Brigid O'Reilley becomes the villain Mayhem when she's killed and resurrected. Since the storyline stems from the source material, it seems like a fair bet that it will influence Brigid's path on the show, too. She's been a friend to the protagonists, which would make her villainous turn all the more painful.

Divine Pairing

In Season 1, Tandy and Tyrone learned that one of them might die while completing a world-saving mission because they were a "divine pairing." But they didn't die. Because of that, Reddit user bearclaw40 thought that they weren't actually the prophesied divine pairing — or death was still in the cards. It may come far in the future, but either Tandy or Tyrone could still die.

Dr. Voodoo

Evita is a friend of Tyrone's who introduces him to voodoo, something her family practices. Evita's involvement in voodoo led Reddit user wastateapples to theorize that she would eventually become the comic character known as Dr. Voodoo or Brother Voodoo. The character is very different in the source material, but the show could take inspiration for Evita's character without adapting Brother Voodoo's story directly.

It's All Connected

There are quite a few shows on the air right now that are based on Marvel comics, though they're all on different streaming services and networks. Redditor bretttwarwick wondered if Cloak & Dagger shared the same universe as some of those shows, like Netflix's Luke Cage and Hulu's The Runaways. The shows often share references because they come from the same source, but it's unclear whether that could ever lead to a more explicit crossover. Specifically, this Reddit user thought the characters of Cloak & Dagger and The Runaways were searching for the same underground power source: namely, dragon bones that were mentioned in The Defenders.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Dark

Detective Connors was one of the villains of Season 1, though he seemed frustratingly capable of evading justice for his crimes. Tyrone eventually took matters into his own hands by sucking Connors into his cloak. Reddit user AllIWillSayIs thought Tyrone might have sealed Connors away in another dimension, but does that mean Connors is dead? Could he come back? And will Tyrone struggle with what he decided to do? Those are all things Season 2 could explore.

Tricky Little Loopholes

Reddit user DaKillaB had a different take on that whole divine pairing thing. They thought that death was more of a metaphor; instead of either Tyrone or Tandy dying, they could give up a piece of themselves instead. That would push them closer, giving each a greater reliance on the other one's darkness and light. It would be one way to get around that whole death thing.

Tandy and Tyrone's story has only gotten started. It may be hard to predict what will happen in Season 2, but it's sure to push both characters in all new directions.