7 Thick Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Though most people have probably told you throughout your life that they’re super jealous of your lush and voluminous locks, you know the real truth: it’s tough to care for thick hair. Fighting frizz, breaking combs, snapping hair ties, and blow drying for hours are all just some of the problems thick-haired girls face on the daily. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t gotten a brush or two stuck in my unruly mane. But maybe the reason behind all these frizzy frustrations and tangled challenges is actually because of some common thick hair mistakes you might not even know you’re making?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even celebrities have had love/hate relationships with their thick tresses. Jessica Alba’s haircut shows she’s learned to listen to her hair instead of fighting with it. I know I have definitely struggled with my rope-like hair over the years, especially since I became a mother. Most days it’s easier to just throw my troublesome mane up in a ponytail than to take the time to really care for my luxuriously full locks. If you’re like me (and Jessica Alba) and you want to learn what thick hair mistakes you’re making so you won’t keep making them, I’ve got you covered.


You’re Using The Wrong Brush

Contrary to what you might think, not all brushes are created equally. Celeb hairstylist Mia Santiago told Allure that using a paddle brush on wet, thick tresses can pull out fragile hairs and damage your strands.


You’re Washing Too Often

No one’s saying to skip showers completely, but shampooing too often is a big mistake. Expert hairstylist Halli Bivona told Marie Claire that thick hair should be washed every three days or even once a week because anything more could strip hair of its natural oils.


You Don't Know Your Real Hair Type

You might want to sit down for this, but you may not actually have thick hair and that could lead to many mistakes. Hairstylist Greg May shared with Elle that many women think they have thick hair when they really have fine hair, but just a lot of it. He also said that if you use products for thick hair when you don’t actually have it, you’ll just be unnecessarily weighing it down and damaging it.


You Blow Dry Too Frequently

Everyone knows drying thick hair can be a long and laborious chore, but you might be doing damage with all that blow drying. In an interview with Total Beauty, celeb hairstylist Dickey said blow drying your hair every day will damage it because thick, coarse hair is porous and can get dried out easily.


You Skip Or Use The Wrong Conditioner

Santiago told Allure that not using the right conditioner could be a big mistake for thick hair. She suggested women with thick hair should get concentrated conditioner and avoid volumizing ones.


Missing Trims

It can be tempting to let your locks grow to Rapunzel lengths, but it turns out that could be a bad idea for thick hair. Celeb hairstylist Paul Perez told Bustle that skipping regular trims will just contribute to your hair feeling and looking heavy and bulky.


Wearing Tight Hairstyles

Whether it’s for work or convenience, chances are you’ve tied your voluminous mane back or put it up in a bun. Mistake! Hair clinician Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips told Refinery29 that putting all that tension on your follicles is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to hair loss and damage.

Images: Usplash/Pizabay; Giphy (7)