7 Thin Hair Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making

If you have thin or fine hair, then you’re no stranger to all the challenges it can bring. Friends with thick hair don’t get it when you try to tell them about all the thin hair problems you have. Although you sit there and envy their seemingly effortless volume and body, you probably wonder if there’s any chance you could ever have locks like that. Maybe the reason why your hair seems about as lush as a bundle of straw is because you’re unknowingly making thin hair mistakes. If your hair is feeling non-existent or if a messy bun just comes across as messy, then you might need to change up your grooming routine.

Like most women with less than full tresses, you’ve probably tried various Pinterest hair hacks, listened to As Seen On TV ads that promise a thicker mane, and used every single hair product known to man hoping to add a little life to your limp strands. Don’t feel embarrassed, everyone has gotten a little desperate for a fine hair quick fix. Even celebs aren’t immune to thin hair problems — stars like Mindy Kaling and Kerry Washington know fine hair struggles just as well as you do. But you don’t need a staff of celeb stylists to save you from making these thin hair mistakes. Here are some of the more common this hair mistakes you may be making, and how you can fix them in a snap.


You Use The Wrong Shampoo

When you washing your hair, you’re setting the stage for how your locks will look for the rest of the day. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin told Glamour that fine hair holds residue at the roots easily, so using anything besides a cleansing shampoo is a big no-no.


You Don't Know Which Conditioner Is Right

No matter how oily or weighed down your thin tresses may seem to get, every hair type still needs moisture. Celebrity stylist Adir Abergel shared with Refinery29 that top mistakes are skipping conditioner all together, applying it at the roots, and not using a lightweight conditioner. She suggests investing in a conditions that utilizes avocado oil for best results.


You Use Too Much Heat

Even if you’ve gotten your shampoo and conditioner right, you still might be making a major mistake when it comes to drying your fine hair. Garren, hairstylist and owner of the Garren New York Salon, told Allure that blow drying at a high temperature flattens and damages thin strands.


You're Afraid Of Styling Products

Everyone knows that putting too much product in your hair is an instant ticket to Flatsville. But giving up on styling products or using the wrong ones would be a mistake. Stylist Brianna Colette told Self that lightweight mousse is a must, it should be applied when hair is wet in order to give your locks a little oopmh.


You Part It Incorrectly

You may think that the way you part your hair is no big deal, but you’d be wrong. Celeb hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins shared with Allure that parting your hair on the side gives it a fuller, more luscious look.


You’re Sleeping On It Wrong

Who knew that something as simple as how you sleep could affect the feel and appearance of your hair? Atkin told Glamour that if your hair is fine, sleeping with it down while it’s damp or wet is a major mistake. Opt for a loose top knot or bun instead.


You Have Too Many Layers & Too Much Length

One of the biggest things you could be doing wrong for your thin tresses is not picking the right cut. Celeb stylist Nelson Chan revealed to Total Beauty that adding in too many layers or going too long without a trim will only make hair look thinner.

Images: Bohed/Pixabay; Giphy (7)