7 Things Every Flight Attendant Wants You To Know, Because They Control The Snacks

by Autumn Jones

I love flying, because I feel like a kid again. For the duration of the flight I can sit and relax while a friendly person brings me snacks, takes me trash, and tends ot my every need. It feels good to have someone take care of me, for a change. I'm sure it's not in their official job description, but patience of a saint, seems to be par for the course with flight attendants. I make sure to say please and thank you, but I always wondered if there were any special things flight attendants want you to know to help make a great flight.

We would be lost without the loving guidance of flight attendants, and I am lucky enough to know one who has made thousands of flights awesome for tens of thousands of flyers. Younes Rhorchi has been helping passengers navigate travel all around the world for 18 years. At this point, he could do his job with is eyes closed, but he is one of those people who still cares enough to give it 100 percent.

The most important thing Rhorchi wants you to remember before you board your next plane is to be be prepared. "Having everything you need makes the process run smoothly." This includes checking TSA guidelines before you even start packing, and reviewing the policies section of your airline's website.

Whether you're a veteran flyer or a first timer earning their wings, take it from a pro and consider these seven things every flight attendant wants you to know before boarding your next plane.


Be Prepared

Make sure to have your ticket at the ready when you board the plane. This will make for a speedy boarding process and allow you to have your seat number available incase it slips your mind. And speaking of seats, your flight attendants ask that you please sit in your correct seat. If you need to switch for some reason, they are more than happy to help you to the best of their ability, but sneaking into a nothing seat without asking will only cause problems for everyone.


Do Some Homework

Make sure to check in advance to see what in flight supplies and amenities your airline offers. Assuming that the plane will have items you may need or want while flying could leave you without a comfort you could have packed at home. For example, not all airlines have blankets on board. So if you tend to get cold on planes, pack a travel blanket or large scarf in your carry on to keep you toasty.


Go To The Bathroom Before You Board

Nothing is worse than clipping on that seatbelt and feeling like your bladder is going to burst. (Damn you, giant bottle of water I guzzled at the gate!) Although hydration when flying is highly encouraged, so is making a pit stop before you step on the plane.


Be Considerate

You may be in the heat of a hilarious phone conversation with your BFF, but after you are in your seat, it's time to start wrapping that up. Other passengers may need the help of a flight attendant, and your phone call could make it harder for them to communicate.


It's OK To Ask For Help

If you have a heavy or difficult to lift carry on bag, ask the flight attendant for help. You don't want to put other passengers in danger while attempting to hoist a suitcase that weighs more than a couch. In these situations it's important to remember, a few polite manners and a little patience go a long way.


Be Friendly

Flight attendants wouldn't be doing their job if they weren't a people person. Once you board, introduce yourself to the crew and ask a few getting to know you questions. Friendly chit chat will help them warm up to you, resulting in a superb flight experience.


Share Some Sweets

Rhorchi let me in on a little secret: all flight crews have a sweet tooth. He can't confirm or deny if you will get special treatment for handing our Skittles to all crew members, but it doesn't hurt to try. So toss a bag of Hershey's kisses into your bag the next time you fly, and you're sure to make some friends in the right places. You'll be like the Oprah of passengers — you get a candy, you get a candy!

Images: Yahoo Finance Canada, Marc LaCoste, born1945, me and the sysop/Flickr; Giphy (3)