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7 Things Every Mom Thinks When Her Kid Finally Sleeps In Their "Big Kid" Bed

The first time my partner and I introduced our son to his "big kid" bed, it was a major fail. He was outside his room within minutes, shaking, sobbing, and refusing to return. I should've known he wasn't ready, but his older sister took to the "big kid" bed without complication, so I was hoping he would, too. No two kids are alike, though, even when their siblings and especially when it comes to their sleeping habits. I'm sure there are more than a few things every mom thinks when her kid finally sleeps in their "big kid" bed, and I was really banking on, "Finally!" being the first thought to bombard my brain when my son hit the hay sans crib. Turns out, the entire process was slightly more complicated than I had predicted. Go figure.

That first night my son was introduced to a big kid bed ended with my partner and I staying up late to put our son's crib back together so he could actually get some rest. Yes, that's how big our fail was. My son was scared, unsure, and overwhelmed by the change, so I was more than happy to put the "big kid" bed plan on hold and do what I thought was necessary to make him feel safe and secure enough to go to sleep. After all, he has his whole life ahead of him to be scared of things; I didn't want his bed to be one of them.

My partner wasn't thrilled with me that night, but I've always been in tune with my boy and I knew he just wasn't ready for the "big kid" bed just yet. And I was right. One day my baby came to me and, out of the blue, asked if I could put his bed up. So my partner and I did. He slept just fine that night and, aside from a few hiccups, has slept through the night ever since. So while the road to get there wasn't exactly an easy one, I finally go to think the things every exhausted mom thinks the night her kid graduates to a "big kid" bed. #Winning

"I'm Free!"

Immediately after I closed my son's door, and tip-toed away from his bedroom, I felt anxious. But as the minutes passed, and I didn't hear anything even close to resembling a whimper coming from his room, I felt that relief I anticipated. Could it be? No more awkwardly hanging my too-big-for-his-crib son over the railing to get him to bed?

Guys, I danced all the way downstairs.

"Please For The Love Of All Things Holy Let This Last"

The longer I enjoyed the quiet of the house, the more I started to doubt the entire situation. Surely my son was playing a joke on me, right? One that would take hours for the punchline to reveal itself ("Surprise! I was playing with toys the whole time!").

Instead of enjoying the television all to myself, I sat on the couch and flinched at every sound coming from my far-too-quiet house. I mean, there was no way my son was actually going to sleep through the night in a "big kid" bed, right?

"I'll Get To Sleep In Every Morning, Right?"

Yes, and my kids will bring me breakfast in bed while I wear my golden crown.

I was incredibly optimistic that first night, my friends. I mean, I actually thought that because my son laid down in his bed once, he'd sleep in it every night and sleep through the night and sleep in every morning, too. Yeah, that's not how this whole parenting-tiny-humans thing works.

The last time I slept in was in the '80s. You know, when I was born.

"Is My Baby?"

Night after night, I worried. I'd cup my ear against the door and listen for any sound of distress, then create scenarios in my head that weren't true. The reality was, of course, that everything was fine. I couldn't help it, though.

"Where's That Damn Monitor?"

My partner and I kept the baby monitor a lot longer than we should've. It gave me a sense of security, and I loved that I could flip the switch and see my baby without waking him up.

Truth be told, though? Once I started to enjoy him staying in his bed, or when he'd stay awake talking to himself for long periods of time, I got used to this transition, too, and shut the monitor off.

"I Miss My Baby's Crib"

My baby is almost 6-years-old. He sleeps well in his "big kid" bed, and has for awhile now. While I love that he's passed this milestone, sometimes I look at him and miss everything that damn crib represented. The "big kid" bed is really a reminder that my baby is no longer a baby, and I am going to have to start letting go of him way too soon.

"OMG I'm So Happy I Didn't Waste My Money"

That "big kid" bed wasn't cheap, so I'm more than happy that purchasing one wasn't a complete waste of our hard-earned finances. Parenthood is expensive, my friends, so you take the little wins when and where you can. My son finally sleeping in a "big kid" bed? Yeah, that's a win.