7 Things It Means For Your Health If Your Eyelashes Are Thin

by Lauren Schumacker

Many people dream of thick, luscious lashes. And if you don't have them naturally, there are some things that you can do in order to get them. That being said, there are some things it means for your health if your lashes are thin that you should know more about if you don't have thick lashes naturally — or if you've noticed that your lashes are getting a lot thinner as time goes on.

Your overall health and well-being can show up physically in a number of ways. From hair growth to hair loss, skin issues, broken nails, and beyond, what's going on inside your body is also often reflected on the outside. And though you may have already known that stress, hormonal imbalances, nutrition issues, and other conditions can have some bearing on your appearance, you might not have ever really thought that the way your eyelashes look can be one of the ways that your appearance gives you hints about how you're doing internally. There are a number of reasons why your eyelashes might be thinner than they were before. It's completely possible that your eyelash thinning is normal and doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with your health, but it could also be pointing to some conditions that may require your attention. If you've noticed your eyelashes are thinning, talking to your doctor about the potential cause could be a good idea. They'll be able to help you determine whether it's something that needs to be addressed or no big deal.


You're Just Getting Older

Normal eyelash thinning often has to do with aging or with being a bit too aggressive with the makeup remover. If your eyelashes seem to be thinning as you get older, chances are good that it's just part of the normal aging process. Dr. Brian Zelickson, MD, a dermatologist, told Women's Health that eyelashes tend to grow thinner just as hair does.


You Have A Thyroid Imbalance

If the thinning of your eyelashes doesn't seem to be related to growing older, it could be something else that's to blame for your thinner, limper-looking lashes. A thyroid issue is one such culprit. In an interview with Better Homes & Gardens, Dr. Jody Levine, MD, a dermatologist, said that thyroid imbalances are one of the common reasons you might experience thinner eyelashes. If it's your thyroid, your doctor may be able to help.


You Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamins and minerals are important and essential nutrients for so many bodily processes. If you have a vitamin deficiency, however, you might notice that your lack of a particular nutrient is having a real effect on your body. SheKnows noted that vitamin deficiencies can potentially cause eyelash thinning, as well. Making sure that you're getting enough of each vitamin is important, but, in general, eating a healthy and varied diet should help ensure that you do. And talking to your doctor about the right multivitamin or supplement, if need be, can help you choose something to fill in any gaps.


You're Super Stressed

Stress can cause serious problems throughout your body, from your ability to sleep well to your anxiety and mental health, digestion, and beyond. It can also affect the way that your hair — including eyelashes — grows. In a piece that she published on LinkedIn, Michelle Skelly, an anti-aging skincare specialist, wrote that hormonal changes caused by an over-abundance of stress can sometimes result in the loss of lashes. Stress management is super important for so many reasons, but effectively managing things might also help keep hair, lash, and brow loss in check.


You're Dealing With An Eye Infection

Eye infections are frustrating, uncomfortable, and often a bit embarrassing, but they can also affect more than just the look and feel of your eye. In an interview for the previously-mentioned article from Better Homes & Gardens, Levine noted that eye infections can also commonly cause your lashes to thin. If you suspect you might have an eye infection, making a doctor's appointment sooner rather than later is the way to go.


You Might Have Lupus Or Another Autoimmune Disorder

If your lashes as a whole look like they're thinner than they used to be, that could potentially point to an autoimmune disorder, such as lupus or scleroderma, Healthline noted. If you have painful swollen joints, flu-like symptoms, or the look or feel of your skin changes along with thinning lashes, it's worth broaching the conversation with your doctor so that they can investigate further and work with you to manage the condition, if they determine that you may have one.


You Might Have Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata, in which you lose hair in patches, is another potential cause of thinning eyelashes. In the aforementioned article, Healthline noted that losing your eyelashes can be a sign of alopecia areata. If you're losing eyelashes more readily than you normally do, you may want to talk to your doctor about what might be causing that to happen. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet might also help manage the situation.

Though thinning eyelashes can be a normal sign of aging, it can also indicate that you might have something else going on. If your eyelashes seem to be getting thinner prematurely, speaking to your doctor to voice your concerns can help them determine whether it's something about which you truly need to be concerned or not.