7 Things Pregnancy Teaches You About Sex

You peed on the little stick and, voila, the magic word appears: Pregnant. You probably have a million questions running through your brain. What does this mean for your future? How will this affect your lifestyle? Your body? Your sex life? You can have sex while you're pregnant, right? Yes, for most women sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe. In fact, there are things pregnancy teaches you about sex that you may not learn at any other time.

Having sex while pregnant can have its ups and downs. The plus side is that if you have been trying to get pregnant for awhile, you can stop having scheduled "trying-to-conceive-sex" and get back to romance and spontaneity. Being pregnant means not having to remember if you took your birth control pill, or if your period will arrive during your romantic weekend getaway. At least not for the next nine months.

But, sex while pregnant can also mean learning a new set of rules for your body. Things that you used to love, may not feel good at this time. Some positions can be tricky or even dangerous. Your body is working extra hard, and you may start to crave sleep more than sexy-time.

There are also some surprising things pregnancy will teach you about sex that can change the future of your lovemaking game.


You Can Feel Sexy At Any Size


According to WebMD, the recommended weight gain during pregnancy is anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds depending on whether you are underweight, average weight, or overweight. But adding a few extra curves, even one that looks like a beach ball in your tummy, doesn't mean you are any less sexy. In fact, sex education Logan Levkoff told CNN, "there is something about being pregnant that gives you this sense of confidence being in your own skin." Not only does that confidence feel sexy, it's attractive to those around you.


You Actually Do Have A Libido


According to Health Line, the fluctuation in hormones, increased blood flow to the sexual organs, increased vaginal lubrication and a hypersensitive clitoris all help in increasing your libido in the first and second trimesters.


Sex Can Be Great In Several Positions


It might take a little trial and error to find which position will work best with the increased size of your belly. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen told Fit Pregnancy that spooning, you on top, side of the bed and kneeling on the couch are comfortable sex positions during pregnancy.


Partners Can Help With Personal Grooming


In late pregnancy, it's hard enough to see your toes much less your bikini area. This can be a time to entrust your partner with helping you with any personal grooming you may want to tackle before going into labor. It's hard to hand over the razor, but it can also be a fun and sexy experience for the two of you that can continue even after the baby is born.


Your Breasts May Take A Backseat


According to Fit Pregnancy sore nipples can make your boobs a "no-touch zone" during your pregnancy. There are even women who develop an aversion to breast play during sex once they start nursing. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Samantha Rodman, it is hard to switch gears from a mammal feeding her offspring to a sex goddess. It's especially hard when the same breasts are expected to perform two functions.


Your Breasts May Take Center Stage


Alternately, Fit Pregnancy noted that there are women who find the new sensitivity actually enhances their sexual experience. For partners, the breast changes during pregnancy can be a huge turn-on, and moms themselves may feel super sexy sporting new their curves.


Your Body Is On A Year-Long Roller Coaster Ride


Getting pregnant isn't just about having sex, waiting for the little plus sign, and then holding a cute baby in your arms. Your body goes through so many changes throughout the 40 weeks of your pregnancy and the six to eight weeks of postpartum recovery time. The best lesson that a pregnancy will teach you is that your body can do great things, but it is a long-term commitment. Make sure you are ready for it before taking the leap.