7 Things That Happen During Oral Sex That You Don't Have To Be Embarrassed About

There are many awesome things about oral sex. However, because the human body is a weird and complicated force of nature, some blush-worthy things can go down during oral. But despite how you may feel, there are things that happen during oral sex that you don't have to be embarrassed about.

I'll admit, I've gotten embarrassed by some bodily quirks that have happened to me during oral. And you know why that's such a shame? Because oral sex is one of the few times in life you can lie back and just enjoy yourself. You have to do next to nothing to receive some of the world's most intense pleasure. And to let these so-called gaffes get in the way of your pleasure is a real shame.

As Thought Catalog pointed out, every woman has been freaked out by her vagina at least once in her life. And because oral is such an intimate act where your vagina plays the leading role, I'd recommend you get over the things that might have caused you to be embarrassed in the past, because why let the following bloopers (that have happened in bedrooms across the globe) ruin such a good thing? Here are some common things women (including you) may be embarrassed about during oral sex that you should feel no shame towards,


You Queef

When someone's going down on you, the last thing you want to do is let one rip in said person's face. But these things happen and, as Women's Health noted, a queef is beyond your control. So it makes no sense to let it get you all bent out of shape.


Your Pubic Hairs Get Unruly

So you didn't have time for a wax before your hot date. Who cares! Don't let your pubes stop you from getting good ora. Having picked hairs out of my teeth after going down on others, I'm here to tell you that it ain't no thing.


You Have Discharge

Young Women's Health noted that whether you're sexually active or not, most women have vaginal discharge. So, given that at any time in your menstrual cycle you're likely to secrete something filmy from your vagina, your partner is most likely going to taste it during oral. And of most women have vaginal discharge, common sense tells me that your partner has dealt with this before. No big deal.


You Don't Like How You "Taste"

After your partner is done and they lean in for a kiss, you might get a taste of yourself. A lot of the smells and tastes associated with your vaginal fluids have to do with the changes your vagina goes through during your menstrual cycle, according to The Kinsey Confidential. If you notice, however, that the taste is particularly sour, see a physician, as you might have an infection.


You Fart

I'm immature, so if I pass wind while someone's going down on me, I'll likely break the moment and have a laugh. Because farts are funny. Hopefully, it's not a stinker that kills the mood, and business can resume as usual.


You Sweat (A Lot)

During oral, you may get a little sweaty. A lot of people I've been with think that's sexy. But what if you have excessive sweating? Prevention noted that excessive sweating is a condition known as hyperhidrosis, where you sweat profusely when in a resting state. There are treatments available if you want to go that route, or you can just shower before and after the deed.


You're Enlarged Labia Are On Display

Whether you have labia that protrude or are enlarged, because you were born that way, or due to getting older, your labia have begun to sag, you might feel genital shame. Jezebel writer Louisa Leontiades, started a project called The Vagina Times, where she advocates for women to shed the shame about how their vaginas look and smell. Because there's no such thing as a "perfect" vagina, stop feeling embarrassed about enlarged labia.

When someone's going down on you, your genitals are literally in your partner's face, so more likely than not, your partner is going to notice how you look, taste, and smell. If you exude confidence, your partner will follow suit. A quick reminder that "not all vaginas are the same, but isn't mine great?" should activate your partner's sensitivity chip.