7 Things To Do At The End Of The Year To Thank Your Kids' Teacher

The end of the school year usually means running a million miles a minute tying up loose ends, making sure your kid is prepared for tests, and lining up summer plans. Before you get too far though, don't forget about one of the biggest role models in your child's life this school year — their teacher. It's easy to want to shout a quick thank you across the hall as you rush off on the last day, but when you think about everything they've done, there are several things to do at the end of the school year to thank your kid's teacher.

But this shouldn't be just another item to cross off your to-do list. Your "thank you" doesn't have to be complicated — in fact, it probably shouldn't be. Teachers are flooded with little trinkets and teacher-themed paraphernalia that in reality, they'll probably never use or want. So ditch the "Number One Teacher" mugs and keep things simple this year with a thank you gesture that gets straight to the point and they will actually enjoy.

Whether you choose one of these options or all of them, simply taking the time to express your thanks will help your kiddo's teacher to feel as appreciated as they deserve to feel, ensuring their Summer is off to a great start.


Write A Hand Written Card Or Letter

Sometimes the simplest things can mean the most. Your child's teacher probably isn't expecting a grand gesture at the end of the year, but a small, thoughtful card expressing your gratitude will go a long way. Use these free printables from Almost Makes Perfect, and write a few sentences about why they're the best ever.


Make Them A Sweet Scent

Nothing says "thank you" like something you took the time to make yourself. These DIY room sprays from A Beautiful Mess are simple to make and are totally customizable to the teacher's tastes.


Re-Stock Their School Supplies

Teachers often pay for their own school supplies out of pocket, so it's a pretty safe assumption that they'll be needing more. Even if it's just a few notebooks or a pack of post-it notes, the thought behind the gesture won't go unnoticed.


Make A Group Gift

Getting some of your child's classmates and their moms together to all go in on a gift together can take lots of the work off of you and cut back on costs.


Pamper Them

Pay for a massage or pedicure or even a full day at the spa. Chances are, they'll love the opportunity to unwind.


Give A Gift Card

Gift cards are always safe bets that won't end up being another trinket they don't really need. Use this free printable box from Delia Creates to wrap it up in something cute.


Gift Them Something To Eat

Everyone loves free food right? Get a little crafty in the kitchen and whip up something for them to snack on this summer like these mood boosting banana chocolate chip muffins from Hello Glow.