7 Ways To Have A Solo Valentine's Day

People spend Valentine's Day alone for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's because you're single and your close friends are off celebrating with their partners. Sometimes it's because you're in a long-distance relationship and the one you'd normally spend the day with is too far away to make plans. Sometimes it's because your partner is a nurse, chef, police officer, bartender, or any other profession that is required to work nights. Sometimes you just want a solo night. Regardless, there are plenty of things to do if you want to celebrate Valentine's Day totally alone.

According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, over half of each age group of adults under the age of 55 planned to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2016. Although not all of those people celebrated completely alone, obviously, you can bet some of them did. But how do you celebrate alone without those who love you pitying you?

In many people's eyes, you're "supposed" to have a date on Valentine's Day or at least really want one. But that's bullsh*t. It's not that spending the day alone is far preferable to spending it with others. It's just not the travesty it's made out. If you're spending planning on spending this V-Day alone, try these seven ways to celebrate to make your completely alone Valentine's Day a pretty great one.


Pick Up Fancy Takeout, And Don't Forget Dessert

Last year I spent Valentine's Day alone in a city far from most friends and family, so I ordered a fancier takeout dinner than I normally would have and threw in dessert. It felt like a celebration without being over the top, plus I got to eat in my pajamas while watching Parks and Rec on my laptop. Win-win-win.


Book A Spa Treatment

Whether it's a massage, facial, or mani-pedi, a spa treatment will make your solo Valentine's Day feel super luxurious, according to The Huffington Post. Although it can be a bit of a splurge, if you have it in your budget, a spa day can be the way to go.


Get Away

A fun solo getaway is good for the gal recovering from a breakup or mourning a loss. Actress Beau Garrett told Vulture that traveling means no reminders of anyone because everything is new. Plus, if you're solo traveling, you set your own itinerary and make your own plans.


Take A Class

Want to spend Valentine's Day away from all the hubbub? Popsugar suggested taking a fun, new fitness class to try something different. An art class, cooking class, or language class could also be fun. Take it alone if you want to be alone — there's no need to walk out with 20 new friends.


Enjoy The Best Movie Marathon

Movie marathons can be a great way to spend V-Day alone. According to Business Insider, there are movies for every Valentine's Day mood, be it in the mood for a love story or really looking for more of a horror flick. Grab some ice cream, wine, or popcorn and hit play.


Relax In A Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are relaxing, far more so than an early-morning, weekday shower. Amp up your bubble bath by adding essential oils, candles, music, or glass of wine, according to Cosmopolitan. Turn off your phone and you'll really be completely alone.


Treat Yourself

According to U.S. News & World Report, one of the best ways to have the best completely alone Valentine's Day is to do or buy yourself something you really want. Love browsing in a book store? Do it. Really want that box of candy? Get it for yourself. Love the drama of reality tv? Watch it. No need to wait for someone else to buy it for you or give you permission to do something. You can do it for yourself.