7 Things To Do With That Extra Hour Of Sunlight, Courtesy Of Daylight Savings Time

Though some people prefer when the clocks "fall back" and they gain an extra hour of sleep, there are plenty of folks who love to "spring forward," too. After all, now that the sun will be setting letter, there are more things to do with your extra hour of sunlight that comes courtesy of Daylight Savings Time. If you're a parent, try to look at the silver lining here instead of focusing on the fact that your kids will probably be waking you up at the literal crack of dawn and arguing about sleep because it's still light out. Just me?

Well the positive takeaway is that, with this bonus hour of glorious sunshine, you can engage in all sorts of outdoor activities that you might not have been able to do after work or errands. Sure, it may only be an extra 60 minutes, but a lot can happen in that amount of time. So why not squeeze every last bit of fun and freedom out of those invaluable 3,600 seconds you've been given (unless you live in Arizona. #sorrynotsorry). Check out some of these ideas for what you and your family can do starting Sunday, March 13, whether you want to relax, play, or try something new.


Enjoy A Sunset Picnic

You can dine al fresco with your partner, family, or even solo with your bonus hour. Why not take a detour from the ordinary and enjoy the view with dinner?


Take An After-Dinner Walk

The First Lady would be proud of you for getting active. Who knows? This could be the start of a healthy and fun family tradition.


Watch The Sunset In Nature

Whether you live by the beach, in the mountains, or smack dab in the suburbs, find your favorite spot in nature and take in all the beautiful colors of the sunset.


Try Yoga

If nature isn't your cup of tea, you can still connect with the universe in preparation for the Spring Equinox by trying yoga. You can either sign up at a local spot or go for it at home.


Read A New Book Outside

Pick a book, any book! In fact, pick a book that's not on your list and select something out of your comfort zone. It's even better if you dive into literature outdoors, too.



There is a whole world of night-blooming vegetables and flowers to discover in gardening. Try out your green thumb or get the whole family involved. In a few months time, you can enjoy home-grown goodies!


Drive The Scenic Route

If you'll be working during most of the daylight hours, treat yourself to the scenic route home. The drive may take a little longer, but the peace and quiet with a bonus view will be worth it.