7 Things To Find Out Before You Check Your Fertility

Trying to get pregnant can be an exciting time for you and your partner. That is, unless you've been trying for months, and are still seeing "negative" every time you pee on one of those sticks. Then the process can start to become discouraging. When in this situation, you may find yourself searching for a fertility specialist to help you understand why things aren't moving in the direction you desire. But there is more involved in the process than just making an appointment. Before you call the doctor's office, consider some of things to find out before you check your fertility so you're prepared before ever stepping foot in the office.

The truth is, fertility testing and treatment can be a long road, and the more you know, the better equipped you'll be to make that journey. Knowing what the process looks like and being prepared could save you both time and money in the long run. Doing your research in advance will also eliminate any surprises the doctor could drop on you, and gives you time to think of all your questions up front.

Take a look at these nine things you should find out before you check your fertility and start to make a list of what you need to do to stay proactive in your goal of getting pregnant.



Choosing which type of fertility treatment is right for you is a decision you and your doctor will make after meeting. You will be able to plan better if you know the approximate costs of different fertility treatments so you'll be aware of what you can afford.


Treatment Options

Fertility treatment is not a one stop shop. There are many different methods, ranging from prescriptions to surgery, according to Parents magazine. Studying up on each one will help you be in the know before you meet for your consultation with the doctor.


Know The Risks

If you're having trouble getting pregnant, fertility treatments are a great option, but this venture is not risk free. According to the website for Human Fertilization & Embryology Authority, each type of fertility treatment has risks and or side effects to consider. Sometimes it may be a mild drug reaction, and other times it may mean multiple births. So it's wise to learn about the potential risks.


Learn About The Tests

Before you can start on a treatment plan, it's likely you and your partner will have to undergo some fertility testing. It may be possible to do some basic test with your gynecologist, but you may end up being referred to a specialist, according to Very Well's website.


Understand Semen Analysis

Guys are not off the hook for fertility testing. According to Healthline, semen analysis is helpful in fertility testing because doctors are able to determine how many healthy sperm a man is producing. So make sure to let your SO know that he may need to provide a sample of his swimmers.


Your Ovulation Days

As Fit Pregnancy magazine pointed out, you'll want to be tracking your ovulation with either a home test kit or by taking your Basal Body Temperature each morning. Ovulation is one of the first things doctors are going to be curious about, so providing them with your recent history will get you off to a fast start.


Your Medical History

Once you have your appointment for a consultation, you'll need to start gathering your medical history to bring with you. As Mayo Clinic pointed out, your doctor will want a comprehensive look at your health, so having your records in advance will be a great help in that conversation.