What You Can Get Away With When Your Kid Is Sick

Being sick is the absolute worst, especially when you have responsibilities. Having a kid that's sick is a whole other level of hell because, well, often there's little you can do to relieve some of their discomfort. Bummer, right? Well, if you're looking for some silver lining, you're in luck! Did you know there are some things you can only get away with when your kid is sick? It's not like you're reveling in their misery or anything, but you at least enjoy the perks (however minuscule they may be). After all, that's what being a mom is all about : what benefits me. Kidding, of course.

But seriously, there are some perks to having a child home with a cold. Just before Thanksgiving, my youngest came down with a nasty bug (as they tend to do right before a major holiday). He coughed at least once per second all through the night, had snot dripping down into his mouth, and the poor guy wasn't interested in eating a thing (even when offered sweets for breakfast — gasp!). I sent him to school one day so I could get some errands crossed off, only to realize he was actually way too sick to have gone at all. I felt terrible, to say the least. What followed became a long string of days he stayed home with me, and eventually, passing the bug along to the rest of us. Joy.

While he was home all that time (it felt like an eternity), there were definitely some things I didn't mind happening. Of course I wanted him to feel better but who was I to argue with all the fun stuff that came along with it? With that here are just some of the things you can only get away with when your little one is sick, though, to do so otherwise is cool, too (I promise I won't tell).

Lay Around With Them

There are so many times I want to give up on literally everything and just, well, lay. But, you know, life and the aforementioned responsibilities. Ba-humbug. When one of my kids are sick, I can use that as my excuse to take some much needed time off to rest. Sure, the laying may involve lots of germs and coughing and probably the chest ointment and tissues everywhere but if it gets me off my feet for a bit — I'm all in, baby!

Live Off Soup And Ice Cream

On a typical day, I have a pretty regimented routine, including what I eat. This is due to my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). If I stray from my usual foods and schedule, I tend to spend the majority of the week trying to salvage things I messed up. I know, it sounds weird (welcome to my life). However, with a sick kid, all that goes out the window because they need me. There's never a better time for all the soups and ice creams than now because it's a fact that ice cream heals (the soul). Any other day this probably wouldn't fly but these days, who cares?

Disregard Chores

With children, a partner, and cats, the chores really add up. So many mornings I'm filled with the dread of getting them all accomplished. It's mind-numbing and sometimes feels like Groundhog's Day over and over again. A day off of all this, you say? To tend to a sickly little nugget with eyes the size of saucers? I'd much rather wipe the snotty nose all day than fold laundry (that will inevitably be stepped on by the cats anyway) so bring it.

Avoid Work And Social Media

That glorious feeling of calling in "sick" to work when it's not even you that's feeling awful is something dreams are made of. Not like it's a "free" day or anything, but if you're breathing and you have no cough, no physical discomfort, and you get to stay home and chill, celebrate by staying offline to recharge your mental muscles. Besides, the kid will probably drain you fairly quickly if you're not ready for it. Take it from someone who's been there.

Watch Lots Of Movies

What other time in life (aside from a breakup) do you get a free pass to a) lie around in your pajamas, b) eat ice cream and, c) watch movies? Exactly. So grab the blankets and popcorn — for you, not them — and hunker down for the latest Pixar flick. Hopefully your kid won't talk through the whole thing like mine do.

Send Calls To Voicemail

So you're off social media, home from work, and relaxed watching a movie with your child. Why not take it a step further and send every call to voicemail? Leave your inbox full, forget all notifications, and just be. It's not as hard as it sounds and if you're like me, you won't miss the phone once you've disconnected.

Cuddle Them

One of the only times my youngest will let me hold him these days is when he's sick so of course I'm taking advantage of the soft cuddles while I can! Whatever he needs, I'll be here. If he'd only stop hogging the blankets, we'd be good.

The years of my children needing me the way they currently do will some day come to an end. And while I don't wish them ill and am grateful for all the days they aren't, I've learned to take every last bit of time with them while I can. Because someday, they'll be off taking care of sick children of their own (if they choose to have them), and that's not something I'm ready to think about just yet.