7 Things You Can Use Aloe For This Summer

When summer hits, finding the perfect ways to keep yourself together in the heat is extremely important. Whether it's for your skin or your hair, staying knowledgeable on the things that can benefit you can come in handy. What becomes even more handy is being able to use one product for all of the above. An example of a all in aloe. And trust me — learning all the things you can use aloe for this summer, will make this one of your best summers yet.

In an interview with Marie Claire, herbalism expert Sebastian Pole said, aloe is "renowned as a ’heal-all’ that is good for many conditions, both internal and external." In addition, the popular plant can be used to cool the skin and provide a soothing feeling on a hot summer day.]

In my own experience, aloe has been a great healing property for my burns and cuts that I get on occasion. Most recently, I fell outside and scraped my knee up pretty bad. After cleaning it up and getting it to look a little better, putting aloe on it helped heal and decrease the amount of irritation that the scrape brought about.

If you need a few more recommendations on how aloe can get you together for the summer, these seven things will totally help.


To Treat Acne

According to Live Strong, aloe can be used to get rid of acne, as it is widely used as a treatment for skin conditions and is known for facilitating healing.


To Tame Your Hair

Stylecraze noted that aloe can be used as a leave-in conditioner for your hair, a gel for your curly hair, a remedy for hair growth, or an overnight hair treatment.


To Soothe Bug Bites

How Stuff Works revealed that aloe can be used as a natural itch reliever for bug bites. Right on time for those pesky mosquitos.


To Remove Makeup

According to Prevention makeup removers can contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin, so using aloe as an alternative to makeup removers keeps your sky in tact.


To Shave

As noted on Bevel's website, aloe -based shaving cream can be really good for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, it provides better hydrated skin, fewer cuts and nicks, less redness, and more.


To Tame Eyebrows

Dipping a clean mascara wand into some aloe gel and brushing it across your brows as eyebrow gel will help you keep your brows in line, according to Prevention. Perfect for those hot summer days where sweating can curl up your brows.


To Make Your Feet Soft

If the summer is giving you dry, cracked feet, YouBeauty noted that using aloe on your feet and putting socks on overnight will help heal your cracked heels.