7 Ways You Accidentally Make Your Hangover Worse

Another early morning after a night full of one too many drinks. As much as you want to sleep it off (and maybe run to the nearest toilet), sometimes you have to be productive the day after a night out with other things. And to make it through, it's important to know the things you do when hungover that actually only make it more awful.

A fun night out often results in some of the worst symptoms imaginable. OK, maybe that's a big of an exaggeration. But they don't feel great. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the biggest hangover symptoms include headaches, dizziness, thirst, and nausea. And although facing one symptom at a time might be bearable (or not — I don't know your pain tolerance), facing them all at once can be the ultimate living nightmare. What's worse, a lot of these symptoms get worse as the day progresses.

Luckily for you, there are some tips that will not only keep you from feeling sick after a night out but also keep your hangover from getting worse. You'll thank yourself later once you follow these tips next time, and you may even prevent a nasty hangover in the future.


You Don't Drink Anything

According to Greatist, you need to drink water to prevent a hangover. The site noted that alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it pushes liquid out your body. When this happens, your body seeks water from other sources, including your brain which can give you a headache.


You Don't Eat Anything

According to Medical Daily, foods like bananas and pretzels can help to cure a nasty hangover. Not only are they easy on the stomach, but they can help prevent further dehydration.


You Don't Get Enough Sleep

According to Everyday Health, a lack of sleep can cause you to feel even worse when you're hungover. The site suggested you schedule a nap the day after a night of drinking to help ease the pain.


You Drink Even More Alcohol

Many people swear by the hair of the dog. But according to Authority Nutrition, you shouldn't drink more alcohol the morning after a night of drinking. The site noted that the habit hasn't been proven to be effective, and you'll save your body from the effects of too much alcohol.


You Skip Out On The Vitamins

According to Healthsomeness, alcohol reduces the concentration of vitamins and minerals in your system. Consider taking multivitamins when you wake up, or eating vitamin-rich foods throughout the day.


You Don't Take The Day Off

According to Heal Dove, it's a good idea to take off from work when you have a hangover if you can. If you can't be productive, and you have the opportunity to have a sick day, then why go in?


You Place Yourself In A Loud Setting

According to OMRF, it's best to place yourself in a dark quiet environment when you have a hangover. The site noted that hangovers cause you to be extra sensitive to bright lights and loud noises.