7 Things You'll Love About Breastfeeding That Having Nothing To Do With Feeding Your Kid

I’m not sure about you guys, but during my pregnancy I took the tagline, “breast is best” pretty literally. I mean, it speaks volumes in its simplicity, doesn’t it? Also, it rhymes, so we really shouldn’t argue because everyone knows a rhyming tagline is a correct tagline (on that note, I'd like to also propose, "Bottle, don't dawdle."). However, now I understand that there are countless (seriously, so many) factors that can affect one's decision or ability to breastfeed. While a number of breastfeeding benefits for both mom and baby are well-documented (and often an integral part of the conversation about the potential decision to breastfeed) I've noticed that there are things you'll love about breastfeeding that have nothing to do with your kid.

These perks arguably aren’t as important as, say, antibodies and nutrients reaching my child, or, you know, a baby's decreased risk of childhood cancer, or a mom's reduced chances of developing breast cancer. No, these perks mostly have to do with my own personal comfort and indulgences. I also hope I’m not alone in enjoying some of the fringe benefits of breastfeeding, because if that’s the case then it would make me feel like I’m doing something wrong and I really dislike that feeling. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a trusty cheat sheet of just some of the bonus pros of breastfeeding that don't have a whole lot to do with actually sustaining your child. When you're a mom (especially a new mom) you take the wins anyway you can.

You Can Always Leave Conversations You Don't Want To Be In

"Oh, hello there, stranger who's trying to talk about something I have no interest in discussing. Did I mention that I have to feed my baby right this very second?" It's genius, you guys. Pure breastfeeding genius. The need to feed my kid has saved me from some rather long, unnecessary conversations on more than one occasion. It's such a beautiful thing.

You Get Comfy Bras

At this point in my nursing career, I'm more likely to use underwire to fish keys out of a locked car than I am to wear it. Say what you will about how nursing bras look (and, honestly, who cares?) but those suckers are the most comfortable.

You're Required To Constantly Snuggle Your Baby

It's been three hours since we last cuddled. Or, wait, I mean, since he last fed? Better get to the couch immediately.

You Have No Choice But To Sit Calmly And Quietly

It's pretty wonderful to have a very valid excuse to sit in complete silence. I can demand that no one disturbs us and I can leave a loud area for a quiet one without offending anyone and I can take a few minutes to simply enjoy the smell of my baby's head. It's like required nap time for adults. Well, almost.

You Can Eat Extra Food Without Feeling Too Full

Breastfeeding burns anywhere from 300-500 calories, so those extra meals really are necessary and really aren't for you. They're for the baby.

You Don't Have Extra Bottles To Wash

Here's live footage of me not washing dishes, guys!

You Have Hours Upon Hours To Stream Shows And Browse The Internet

Let's please all pause our scrolling fingers for a moment of internet silence in honor of our fellow breastfeeding moms who didn't (or currently don't) have reliable wifi and a charged device within arm's reach. They are the true heroes, because I honestly can't imagine passing the time without Netflix.