7 Things Your 2nd Trimester Actually Feels Like

If you've made it past the wretched first trimester of pregnancy, and you're wondering what fresh hell is next, let me ease your worried mind. All the glory that is the second trimester will surely make up for all the misery you've been experiencing for upwards of three months (I hope). Cling to my depictions of what your second trimester feels like, because it really is the best part of the whole growing-another-human-being-inside-your-body thing. Well, besides finally holding that precious newborn of yours, of course.

Once my first trimester of my first pregnancy neared the end, I still had morning (read: all day) sickness. Thankfully, though, it wasn't as intense. My body was starting to adjust to the pregnancy, and I actually started to enjoy the whole experience. The second trimester, to me, was such a delight, and I truly wish wish the entire 40 weeks could feel that marvelous. I was still nauseated, uncomfortable, and going to the bathroom frequently, but it didn't matter. There was so much good happening, how could I not appreciate every kick, craving, and belly bump picture?

It's a good thing I didn't know how awful the third trimester would be, otherwise it would have been significantly more difficult to just sit back and enjoy those wonderful three months of second trimester bliss. So, if you're nearing your second trimester and looking for some reprieve, here's what you can expect to start feeling:

Like An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

I was beyond excited when my nausea let up enough that I could give into my cravings. One of the best parts of pregnancy lies in food, because it's the only time you can get away with it ("it's for the baby"). My biggest craving came unexpectedly. Soon after entering the second trimester, it hit me: I'd been a long-time vegetarian, but my baby (apparently) wanted me to have a hamburger. My husband was so excited, he ran right out to buy the ingredients.

Like A Continuous Party In Your Honor

Between the baby showers and general affirmations and congratulations, every day was a celebration. During the first trimester there was some congratulatory moments, especially when everyone found out I was pregnant. However, it hit next level when I could celebrate, too, and when I started to show.

I mean, your social life definitely improves when you stop vomiting every single day.

Like A Shopping Spree Where Size Doesn't Matter

I looked forward to buying maternity clothes. It felt like a rite of passage. When my pre-pregnancy clothes tightened (and made me uncomfortable), it was time to go shopping. The best part was not feeling so insecure about my size. The second trimester isn't the time to hide your belly bump — it's the time to highlight it.

Like The Life Of A Beautiful Empress

While I battled breakouts from my wayward hormones, I also never felt prettier than I did during the second trimester. It's something about that infamous glow that made me more confident when I left the house. Plus, my partner thought it was the most beautiful I'd ever been. Partly from carrying his child, but also because I carried myself differently as a result.

Like The Life OF The Popular Kid In School

Growing a human in your body instantly puts you in high demand. While I was never really popular at any point in my life, the second trimester gave me the chance to experience it. Some people just wanted to hang out, while others would offer to do things for me so I could stay off my feet. Either way, I'll take it.

Like A Sequence Of Photoshoots

With my first pregnancy, I had the usual ultrasounds, plus a maternity shoot. With my youngest, and after suffering through two miscarriages, I had a lot more ultrasounds throughout the bulk of my second trimester, to ensure he remained healthy (spoiler alert: he is!). Basically, I became a model, living that runway life.

Like Christmas Morning

What is it about a pregnant woman that makes everyone around her want to buy her all the presents? Gifts didn't come for me until the end of my second trimester, but continued long after. It sure is easy to get used to this kind of treatment.