7 Scary AF Things Your Pregnant Body Does

by Meg Kehoe

There's nothing quite like growing a human inside of your body and finding out all of the extremely weird and wild things that happen to your body while you're incubating. And because some of the stuff that goes down with your pregnant body isn't exactly dinner table talk, you might be surprised at all the things your pregnant body will do that might scare the sh*t out of you.

Sure, you're expecting the weight gain, the stretch marks, and the intense kicks of little alien feet inside of your womb. But what about the rest of it? What about the onslaught of hormonal changes that can and will totally freak you out? I mean, who knew that your vagina was going to change colors? That might've been nice to know before checking yourself out in the mirror after a shower and getting the shock of a lifetime. So rather than winging it, and taking on these wild (and sometimes wacky) bodily changes as you make your way through your pregnancy, read on and prepare yourself for the changes. Because it's better to be prepared and educated about these things instead of freaking out over something that's totally normal during pregnancy, right? Right.


Your Skin Might Change

When the dark splotches on your skin start to show up, you might assume the worst. However, it's probably melasma. Often called the "mask of pregnancy," WebMD noted that melasma usually goes away after pregnancy. If you're concerned about your melasma, there are things you can do to prevent it during pregnancy. WebMD recommended minimizing your sun exposure, and using oil-free and fragrance-free soaps and cleansers to avoid chemicals reacting negatively with the sun.


Your Gums Might Bleed

According to Baby Center, your gums will bleed way more than normal when you're pregnant due to the extra progesterone that can cause gingivitis. Swollen and bloody gums, while not enjoyable, are nothing to worry too much about. Just be gentle with your mouth, and you'll grow out of it as your hormones settle down.


You Might Lose Control Of Your Bladder

Yeah, don't be alarmed if you suddenly have zero control over your bladder and start leaking, and even peeing your pants occasionally. According to Everyday Health, pregnancy makes you more susceptible to incontinence thanks to the hormone changes and the ever-adjusting landscape of your organs while your baby gets comfortable.


You Develop Restless Leg Syndrome

Are your legs wiggling around way more than normal while you're trying to sleep? Restless Leg Syndrome is pretty prevalent in pregnant women, according to Baby Center. Stretching, warm baths, massage, and making sure you're getting enough iron are all good ways to counteract any possible dancing legs during sleep hours.


Your Vagina Experiences Major Changes

Don't freak out if your vagina looks blue, or even purple. Because your flow of blood is changing, the change of your vagina color is totally normal, according to Parents. Yes, even if it is looking a little bit like a rainbow down there.


Your Vaginal Discharge May Change

Parents noted that your vaginal discharge during pregnancy will probably change, too. Thanks to estrogen and all those extra mucous membranes in your body, your discharge may get thicker and milkier during pregnancy. Be prepared, pantyliners are your friend.


You'll Notice Hair. . . Everywhere

Yes, your body hair are growing super fast right now. According to What to Expect, estrogen is the culprit for all that extra pregnancy hair. To get rid of stray hairs, wax, shave, or tweeze. But avoid any chemical based products that could be absorbed into the blood stream.