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7 Things You're Doing Right When Caring For Your Sick Baby

When your baby is sick, you feel absolutely powerless. Since they can't tell you exactly what's wrong, you're forced to use your instincts (and maybe some advice from your own mom) to get them healthy again. It can be slightly terrifying, especially for first-time parents, and make you question every move you make. This is when you have to take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the things you're doing absolutely right when your baby is sick. Because, yes, there are plenty of things you're doing right.

It's not easy to safeguard your baby from getting sick. From the moment they're born, you might find yourself fending off the germ-ridden hands of well-meaning friends and family members (and sometimes even strangers). Then, as your baby get a little older, they'll want to touch every germ-covered object they see. If they deem the item worthy, then they'll put it in their mouth. So needless to say, illness is inevitably going to happen. But don't panic— you're a lot more prepared to deal with it than you probably realize.

Here are seven simple things you're most likely already doing to get your baby well again that actually have a huge impact.


Giving Them A Fever Reducer


Offering a fever reducer like Baby Tylenol can help keep your little one comfortable when they're not feeling well. Baby Center noted that babies as young as 2 months old can take fever reducers, though you should check with your doctor to verify the proper dosage.


Keeping Them Hydrated


If your baby is feeling sick, you might want to comfort them by letting them nurse a little more than normal or giving them a bottle more frequently. According to Healthline, offering fluids regularly is a great way to help your sick baby become health again.


Using A Humidifier


Trying to breathe when you've got a stuffy nose is as frustrating for babies as it is for adults. According to Parents, using a humidifier in the nursery is a great way to open up those little nasal passages.


Keeping Them Elevated


Lying down when you're stuffy or congested usually only makes things worse. That's why you'll want to keep your baby's head elevated when they've got a cold, according to What To Expect. If you've propped your little one up a bit to help them breathe, just be sure to check on them frequently.


Giving Them A Warm Bath


A bath is not only soothing for your baby, it can also help them feel better. According to Everyday Family, a warm bath might offer some relief when your baby is congested.


Snuggling As Much As Possible

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Nothing soothes a sick, fussy baby like snuggles from mom or dad. Indulging the clinginess when your baby is sick might make life easier for both of you, according to Today's Parent.


Keeping Your Doctor In The Loop


Trusting your instincts is important when your baby is sick. If you've put in a call to the doctor because something just doesn't feel right, that's exactly what you should do according to About Kids Health. Certain situations always merit a call to the pediatrician, like a fever in a baby younger than 3 months or a sick child who absolutely won't stop crying. But really, you should call your doctor any time you're worried about your baby's well-being.