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7 Thoughts Anyone Who's Ever Built A Baby Registry Has Definitely Had

When it comes to building a baby registry, most of us new moms usually fall into one of two categories: Either we thought "registering" meant taking our baby down to the courthouse to fill out some kind of form once they were born, or we've known exactly which items would be on our registry since we were infants ourselves. Lucky for me, when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I'd already tucked away a full-fledged baby registry checklist and buried it on my computer, only to dig it up when it was time to prepare for motherhood. But looking back, I can guarantee you that if I'd known how easy it was to use Target's universal baby registry online, things probably could have gotten a bit out of control — especially once the 15% completion discount came into play.

While I can't say the jump-start on planning for my baby's arrival left me with any fewer useless baby items, I can say that no matter where you fall on the baby registry preparedness spectrum, there are a few thoughts you're bound to have while browsing the aisles of the baby section for the first time, and we partnered with Pampers to round them all up.

"Can this pass as a baby item?"

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The number one reason to use Target's baby registry? Your sweet co-workers will just assume that trendy kitchenware you're registering for is the latest in baby feeding technology.

"There's no way I'm attaching that thing to my body."

Am I the only one who feels like I'm in a sci-fi movie every time I walk down the breastfeeding and bottle isle? Really? Just me? Fine, but call me after a year of feeding a tiny human if you need to talk.

"If I have to use one of those snot suckers, I quit."

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I thought this. I said this. And then it was 3 a.m. and my six week-old baby was screaming in my face because he couldn't breathe through his nose for two days and I caved. #NoRegrets

"I really hope my rich aunt sees this."

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Would it be too much to email it to her? It doesn't matter that I've only met her once and she lives in Alaska, right? Sent.

"How many of these things do I actually need?"

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That depends. Little pieces of fabric to prevent baby pee from getting on you during diaper changes? Zero. But when it comes to diapers? A lot. We're talking an average of 320 in the first month, which sounds like a ton, but with the super absorbent and oh-so-gentle Pampers diapers, it’s worth stockpiling them in every size.

"Does this bottle really look like my boob?"

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Mark my words: The amount of time you spend comparing your body parts to various baby items throughout your kid's first year alive will definitely surprise you.

"What's the return policy?"

If you registered at Target, you get a whole year to return new, unopened items from their registry for a full refund. Then you're definitely safe to buy the cute straws to match the fancy cups your co-workers bought for you — I mean your baby.

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