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7 Throwback Activities To Try With Your Kids This Summer


There's just something about the summertime air that brings serious nostalgia along with it. Year after year, the warm breezes blow in, and we find ourselves reminiscing about longer days, warmer weather, and those seemingly limitless hours spent doing whatever we want.

You remember that fresh-out-of-school, wide-open-schedule feeling of freedom, right? From bumming it on the beach to backyard BBQs to bike rides to the local DQ® store, there was no shortage of the kind of fun that only one season could bring. After all, the fleeting nature of those few short months are part of what makes it so darn special.

This year, my resolution is to lean into that same old school nostalgia from my own childhood and introduce my kids to some of the activities I did way back when. Now is the time to go retro, to get the whole family involved, and to show your little ones the 'new' traditions that are gloriously familiar to you!

To get you started, Romper teamed up with the DQ® brand to compile a list of epic throwback activities for the brightest, most memorable, and most joy-filled summer possible.

With all activities this summer, make sure to stay mindful of social distancing and safety guidelines in your area.

1. Make Some Friendship Bracelets

Remember how it felt to gift or be gifted a friendship bracelet by someone special to you? Maybe it was a camp activity, or something you learned from a cool older cousin. Whether they're woven, beaded, or anything in between, there's something so perfectly vintage about sharing one with someone you care about.

2. Organize A Jump Rope Competition


For us, jumping rope was a way of life — it was the first taste we got of friendly competition and we spent hours outside learning different games and showing off our skills.

If your kids have never jumped rope before, go through the basics with them. If they're already pros, up the ante by hosting a mini contest, seeing who can jump the longest without tripping up or maybe even veering into Double Dutch territory.

3. Introduce Them To An Iconic Treat

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No matter what generation you're part of, trips to the DQ® store are practically synonymous with summer. Make sweet memories and introduce your kids to a classic childhood cookie by treating them to some Frosted Animal Cookie BLIZZARD® Treats from the DQ® drive-thru. You read that right: Frosted. Animal Cookie. BLIZZARD®. Treat. It's a dessert. It's a party. And it's a chance to get your kids to love the snack you were practically raised on.

4. Three Words: Slip And Slide

Hot take: The only appropriate way to beat the summer heat is with a backyard slip and slide. Some of my best memories include using a sprinkler over a tarp on a hill in my grandparents' yard.

Whether you buy or DIY your own slip-and-slide-style contraption, you're guaranteed to cool down and have some good old-fashioned fun in the process. Pro tip: Add some soap to go the extra distance.

Please supervise your children during this activity.

5. Seek Out Some Sand Art

Remember those colorful pails full of fine-grained sand in every color imaginable? Help your kids pick out a plastic container, grab a funnel, and make layer after layer of whatever design they chose. And there's always enough room for a little more sand before corking the creation, just to make sure their masterpiece doesn't get all jumbled up when they're done.

6. Bust Out The Skates


As kids, we spent hours skating around the neighborhood in our protective gear, thinking we were the coolest thing ever (and we were!). Sharing this tradition with your kids will get the whole family moving, not to mention help your kids develop skills like balance and strength.

7. Break Out Some Old School Board Games

Board games are great for family bonding, and can be played indoors or out, depending on what the weather calls for. New games come out all the time, but nothing beats the classics.

So order a few of your childhood faves online — whether you're racing to a mountain made out of gumdrops or trying to help your partner guess a word without using other forbidden phrases, your kids will love playing the games you grew up with.

No matter what throwback-inspired activity works for your brood, rest easy knowing that by sharing traditions, you're making memories that will last forever.

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