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7 Times Destiny's Child Was The Ultimate #SquadGoals

When Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls, it left a hole in my heart, and a hole in my #squadgoals role models. (Even though in 1998, I'm pretty sure the only squad I was aware of was the cheerleading squad.) So imagine my delight when Destiny's Child came busting onto the scene in 1999, promising to fill that Spice Girl-shaped hole and patch it up with smooth harmonies and kitschy matching outfits. The ladies of Destiny's Child brought fierce to the table, and to this day, still have me reminiscing of all the times Destiny's Child were the ultimate #squadgoals.

Whether I was in the basement with my best friends learning the "Jumpin' Jumpin'" dance routine, trying to swindle a group of girls into wearing matching cameo outfits a la "Survivor", or teaching myself how to do vocal runs with the help of Bey, Kelly, and Michelle, Destiny's Child were a huge part of my formative years. They taught me the importance of sisterhood, and continue to do so, years after the group disbanded. Who else can you rely on to do that? Find your camouflage crop top from high school, turn up the volume of The Writing's On The Wall, and prepare to get nostalgic.


That Time They Matched Throughout Most Of Their Career

Okay, I'm the first to admit that the styling reign of Tina Knowles could be questionable at some points, but tell me you didn't want two or three best friends to don matching glittery outfits with you for Halloween, so you could perform dance routines between houses. No? Just me? Regardless, the fact that they matched throughout 95 percent of their career was downright impressive.


That Time They Reunited At The Superbowl

And it was fire. Let's be honest, their reunion blew the 'NSYNC reunion out of the water. These ladies brought it, and the NFL was so impressed that they invited Beyonce back again. Now that's some serious #squadgoals.


That Time They Were Survivors

After their numbers dwindled and gossip swirled around the remaining ladies' fates, Destiny's Child came out with an anthem to shut down their haters. And what's better to combat the nasty gossip than a chart-topping hit about how you'll do just fine without the naysayers? Not much, y'all. Not much.


That Time They Preached Independence

To go along with the kitschy girl power flick and reboot of Charlie's Angels, the ladies wrote an anthem for all women, preaching the importance of independence.

Question, tell me how you feel about this
Try to control me, boy, you get dismissed
Pay my own fun, oh, and I pay my own bills
Always fifty fifty in relationships

Perhaps one of the first anthems to really hit home the idea of feminism for young women of the era, I played this jam on repeat. (And still do.)


That Time Tina Proved They're Still Family

A few weeks ago, Tina Knowles shared a photo of herself cuddling with Kelly Rowland's son Titan, and referred to him as her grandson. Just goes to show that these ladies are still sisters, even after the group disbanded.


That Time Michelle Preached The Importance Of Friendship

We would like to be remembered as true friends. This is a group we love. And we love what we do and love doing that with each other," Michelle said in an interview with Faze. "We’d like to be remembered for trying to empower other women and for great music. Destiny’s Child was founded on family, loyalty, and sisterhood and we love music, and we just want to share our gifts and our blessings with the world.”


That Time Bey and Kelly Backed Up Michelle

Everyone knows that Bey was pretty much the ringleader of Destiny's Child, but last year the ladies reunited at the 2015 Stellar Awards to show their support for Michelle, and hot damn if they didn't come out vocal guns a-blazing, Kelly and Bey singing backup for Michelle.

Regardless of your favorite Destiny's Child era, the ladies have proved time and time again that they are in fact, the ultimate squad goals. Through family, love, friendship, failure, and even whilst pursuing their own careers, these ladies have kept it real, and kept me wishing I was a child of destiny.