7 Times Jinger Duggar Rebelled Against Her Family's Rules, According To Fans

Those who are familiar with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar already know the Arkansas couple has 19 children, and that the Duggar kids grew up with strict rules limiting their internet access and media consumption, to name a few examples. However, when it comes to the adult Duggar siblings, Michelle and Jim Bob are no longer able to enforce these so-called guidelines. And on that note, fans might be interested to learn more about the 7 times Jinger Duggar strayed away from her family's rules.

As a longtime follower of the Duggars, I can say with confidence that Jinger is basically my hero. The family is endlessly fascinating to me, and I've always secretly hoped the Duggar girls would grow up and be able to make their own decisions once they weren't under Michelle and Jim Bob's roof. Because let's face it — Their values aren't exactly feminist-friendly. Like, at all.

So, allow me to count the ways Jinger has pushed back against her Duggar upbringing, a trend that started when her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, entered the picture. Ready to dive deep into the rebellious ways of Jinger Duggar? Hang tight as I recall these 7 standout moments.


She Gave Jeremy A Frontal Hug Before Marriage

With every courtship that has happened throughout the years, the Duggar kids set their own guidelines regarding physical contact before marriage. Granted, all of them mostly followed the same rules (no kissing, only side hugs, no hand-holding until they're engaged, and the need for a chaperone at all times) which was why fans were surprised to see Jinger hugging Jeremy from the front following his October 2016 proposal. Ah, the scandal!


Wait, Did She Use Birth Control?

If you've been a fan of the Duggars since their 19 Kids & Counting Days, then you know Michelle and Jim Bob's views on birth control (Spoiler alert: They decided to leave their family size "up to god"). And as a result of this, many of their adult children being having children shortly after marriage. The exception? Look no further than Jinger and Jeremy, who were married in November 2016 and didn't announce they were expecting their first child until January 2018. Little baby Felicity made her debut in July 2018.

So, barring any fertility issues, fans have concluded that some sort of contraception must have been involved. If true, then I say — more power to them!


She Dyed Her Hair

Aside from maybe some highlights here and there, the Duggar kids have pretty much stuck with their natural hair colors. That is, until the normally brunette Jinger posted a photo on Instagram of herself rocking blond tresses. “Decided to go with the blonde balayage this summer,” Jinger captioned the photo. She's a trail-blazer, for sure!


She Shows Her Shoulders

In case you hadn't noticed, the Duggars' rules surrounding modesty are a bit more intense than the average person living in the United States. This is because their fundamental Christian beliefs allegedly requires females to wear long skirts at all times, along with shirts that have sleeves and high necklines. They dress this way to avoid "defrauding" males around them (in other words, it's a woman's fault if a man has "impure" thoughts about them because of their appearance). So, the fact that Jinger now regularly wears shirts with no sleeves is kind of a big deal.


She Wears Pants

As previously mentioned, the Duggar females tend to wear skirts at all times. Once again, this circles back to the idea that females should avoid "defrauding" males via the way they dress. Never did you see any of Jim Bob and Michelle's daughters wearing pants or shorts, at least until after Jinger married Jeremy. Because as it turns out, he's totally OK with pants. (Jinger's sister, Jill, also wears pants!)


She Opted For A Hospital Birth

Originally, Jinger's birth plan was to deliver her daughter at a birthing center. However, because of the Duggar women's history of having large babies — and therefore complications during birth — she followed her midwife's advice and ultimately delivered at a hospital. So far, Jinger is the only Duggar daughter to opt for a hospital birth. (Both Jill and Joy-Anna labored at home, but ended up with emergency C-sections. And Jessa was transferred to a hospital following her first and third births due to blood loss.) And get this — she also got an epidural to help along the birthing process, a move that definitely goes against Duggar tradition.


She Moved Away From Arkansas — For Good

After marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, the newlyweds settled down in Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy served as a pastor. And although Jill went on long-term mission trips to different countries and Josh lived in Washington, D.C. for a bit, Jinger is the first Duggar sibling to permanently move away from Arkansas. Jinger and Jeremy recently moved to Los Angeles, California, with their 1-year-old daughter, Felicity, and it's possible the move is permanent.

Moral of the story — Jinger is arguably the most rebellious sibling out of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 kids. Rock on, mama.