Courtesy of Candace Ganger
7 Reasons Why My Kids Are Worth Experiencing Pregnancy Twice

I hated every part of pregnancy. Well, except feeling my babies move (before it became uncomfortable) and the moments I gave into ridiculous cravings (like eating meat as a vegetarian). Other than that, I wouldn't voluntarily go through pregnancy again, because it was the worst. However, there are times when my two kids reminded me why experiencing pregnancy twice was worth it. One reason? Well, I have two amazing kids who make every day better than I ever could've imagined.

While both pregnancies provided their own individual set of challenges, my son and daughter arrived mostly healthy. Having been labeled "high risk" during my third trimester of my first pregnancy, and labeled high-risk again as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my son (after two miscarriages), sometimes I look at them and think about everything we've gone through to get to where we are. My two (full-term) pregnancies have become my two greatest reasons for being the best person I can be.

Of course, as siblings they argue and have days where it's all I can do not to hide in the bathroom. However, and for the most part, my kids are pretty damn great. I revel in the days when they play together quietly, without incident, or when I linger through our somewhat long bedtime routines they're both young enough to require. They're growing up so quickly, I try to hold onto what I can and whenever I can. Though it's not all sunshine and roses, here are some of the times my kids reminded me how very worth those pregnancies were. Honestly, I just can't articulate how grateful I am to have those two beautiful faces staring back at me now. (But seriously kids, stop staring at me, please.)

When They Entertain Each Other

Sometimes, my strong-willed kids do nothing but argue and fight over absolutely everything. Other times, however, I'll find them playing nicely together. When I have household chores to finish up, I absolutely love the fact that they're able to lean on each other for entertainment. Having grown up with a younger brother myself, I know it's not always easy for my daughter to oblige my son. She's approaching puberty and likes her space, but when I see her give him the time he's bugging her for, it melts my heart.

When They Look Out For Each Other

I won't always be around to make sure these two are OK so, as their mother, I do my very best to instill the importance of having each other's backs in times of need. These days, while they're still young, they may not fully understand what it means, but my hope is that they eventually will. Even when my brother and I seemingly hated one another, I'd have fought for him the same way I know he'd have done for me.

That's the thing about siblings: even when you don't like each other, there's still love. When I see the two of them together, getting along or not, I'm reminded of that incredible bond.

When I Get Two Hugs Instead Of One

Experiencing two full-term pregnancies, twice, means you get twice the hugs? Yes, please!

On the days when everything feels like it's falling apart, are usually when my kids double-up to love one me. I'd absolutely go through pregnancy hell for two more just like them.

When They Laugh Together

When my daughter was a toddler, before her brother came along, it was lovely to hear her laugh. Now that there's two of them, it's even better. No matter what I'm dealing with, hearing the two of them laugh at something ridiculous cheers me up, instantly.

When They're Successful At Something

When one kid brings home a good report card, I'm thrilled. When two bring them home, I can't contain my excitement. It's sometimes difficult to juggle parenting two kids when my partner works long hours, but when they succeed in school or find something that brings them joy, two is definitely better than one. Not only does it expand their horizons, but mine as well. I've learned so much in having two different kids, into two completely different types of things.

When We're Planning A Birthday Party

The incredible thing about my two children is that they share a birthday exactly five years apart. This makes birthday party planning easier, because we just have one giant celebration. While this isn't true for most, every year on their birthday, I remember how awful each pregnancy was and, again, how I'd do it all over again for their smiling faces.

When They Tell Me They Love Me Or Each Other

There's nothing sweeter than watching my two kids hog, or even tolerate, each other. It warms my cold heart, and sometimes makes me want to reach out to my own little brother to tell him I love him, too. While they're youth is quickly fading, I hope their relationship doesn't. Sure, my pregnancies were hell on earth, and deliveries even more so (I mean, ouch). But when I look at my kids, it was all so, so worth it.

(Except for the arguments over who's staring at whom. That can stop now. Thanks.)