7 Tricks To Keep Your Roots From Showing When You Can't Make It To Your Stylist


When it comes to trying new hairstyles, I'm usually reluctant to do so. It's probably because the one time I tried dying my hair, I found it difficult to keep my roots from showing a few weeks down the line. Though it's been awhile since I gave a new color a chance, I think it's good to keep a list of a few tricks to keep your roots from showing for when I get that itch to try something new again.

Until that happens, my sister — who recently dyed her hair for the first time — has found my list of tips and tricks very handy. Since she works a lot and comes home to my active niece, making it to the salon as soon as a touch-up is needed is usually out of the question. Most women that I know actually experience the same thing. Being able to create the illusion that their hair is in tip-top shape is always needed — especially since having ombre hair isn't something that everyone wants.

So, if you need a few tricks to keep your roots looking their best in between salon visits, these seven will be good for you to jot down.

1. Apply Dry Shampoo


According to Marie Claire, applying dry shampoo is a great way to hide your darker roots. The publication noted that the white powder will often lighten your hair.

2. Pump Up Your Volume


Prevention noted that adding volume to your roots can help cover them up. Since you're making your hair look bigger, the roots will be covered by your curls or big tease.

3. Conceal With Makeup


According to StyleCaster, if you're in a pinch and need to cover your roots up immediately, you can conceal your roots with makeup products like mascara, powder foundation, an eyebrow pencil, or eyeliner. Just make sure that the color is as close to your dye job as possible.

4. Use A Root Touch-Up


Professional stylist Chrissy Woods tells Romper that using a root touch-up product is a great way to keep your roots from showing, too. "I love the root touch-up wands because they are easy to use and provide temporary color to hide gray or unwanted color," she says. Wood recommends using the Cover Your Gray ($5) 2-in-1 applicator root touch up product from Ulta.

5. Change The Direction Of Your Part


The aforementioned Marie Claire article noted that changing the direction of your part can help with hiding your roots as well. Wearing your hair in the same direction every day causes your hair to become flat and makes your roots look darker than they actually are. Switching up the direction or location of the part makes it become less noticeable.

6. Wear An Updo Or Pull Your Hair Back


When my roots began to show after dying my hair, my stylist suggested wearing a braid along my hairline to mask the exposing color of my roots. The same goes for wearing a top knot.

7. Wave It Out


According to InStyle, wearing beach waves are another way to hide your roots. People will be more likely to notice the texture of your hair than to pay attention to your discolored roots.