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7 Trigger Words That Make People Fall In Love With You

Even when you're well into adulthood, trying to get someone's attention in a romantic way can be so humbling and awkward. Chances are, you want at least a little reassurance along the way. So consider using the trigger words that make people fall in love with you when the time is right. Sure, there's no way to force or trick someone into falling for you, but these particular words and ideas just might help anyway.

After all, words are only doing the most important thing in a relationship, and that is communicating. Really, "communication is key to any relationship in order to ensure both partners are moving in the same direction in terms of commitment," said life coach Pricilla Martinez in Elite Daily. By communicating openly, you can let you partner know what's on your mind, as well as protect yourself from potential pitfalls. Words are your biggest helpers in a relationship.

That said, it can be hard to know what to say around a crush. But if you speak honestly about your thoughts and feelings, even the negative ones, your potential partner will have a much clearer idea of where you stand. Use these words to invite your love interest to come closer into your world.



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It's a simple word, but it conveys so much. "It comes down to this: when you tell a man that you trust him, what you are really saying is 'I validate your reality' and that means acknowledging that his reality may be different than yours," said International Relationship Coach Clayton Olson in Your Tango. And who doesn't enjoy having their reality validated every now and then?



This might not work for everyone. But for some people, being told "You'll have to work harder than that to win me" is a wonderful challenge, according to HuffPost. That kind of tension is thrilling to certain potential partners, so bust out the work idea if it suits you.


Good Or Great

If you're typically looking for the good in any situation, then you're probably perceived as more attractive. At least, non-physical cues such as a positive personality traits were correlated with higher perceptions of attractiveness of strangers, according to a study in the The Journal of Social Psychology. Of course, you don't need a study to know that upbeat, glass-half-full people tend to be more pleasant to hang around. Let your own positivity shine.



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Hey, most people like to talk about their own lives, and you can use this tendency to your advantage. "Odds are, if you let the other person talk a lot about themselves, they will think you are fascinating," said Samantha Boardman M.D. in Psychology Today. Plus, you'll probably learn a lot about how this person sees the world.



This is an especially great word to use when communicating by text. Something along the lines of "I wish you were here right now" can go a long way, according to Panda Gossips. Whatever you text next can be as sweet or as spicy as you like.



Sure, it's far from the sexiest word in the world. But don't knock it the power of deeply connecting with a partner. "When we show empathy to our intimate partners, we are saying (and demonstrating) three powerful words: 'I Understand You,'" wrote Jeffrey Bernstein Ph.D. in Psychology Today. True empathy and understanding can help you bond with another person like nothing else.



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Positivity is great and everything, but nobody expects you to like everything all the time. In fact, divulging your dislikes might help build a bond. "There’s something really powerful about the discovery of shared negative attitudes," said researcher Jennifer Bosson in New York Magazine. And as her research shows, similar dislikes promote bonding and feelings of familiarity, as explained in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. So go ahead and rant about the long lines at Chipotle or the latest episode of The Bachelor. Your potential love interest just might appreciate this dislike.

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