7 Surprising Habits That Make Your Oily Skin Worse

Before I got into wearing makeup in college, I never really knew that there was a difference in skin types. It wasn't until I went to the MAC store with my friend to pick out our first "high class foundation" (as my friend called it) that I learned the different. My friend, who has oily skin, revealed that she must be careful of the products she uses on her face because it can make her skin produce more oil. Though my skin isn't oily, I was surprised to hear the unexpected things you do to make your oily skin worse because some of them were so simple.

For people with oily skin, something as simple as washing your face more than twice a day can increase the amount of oil that your skin produces. The way my friend explained it, having oily skin is one of the worst things because your face always feels greasy and looks shiny. She explained that wearing the wrong makeup over oily skin takes away from the glowing look she goes for and never lasts like she wants it. That's why it's important for her to do the right things to keep her skin as oil-free as possible.

So, if you need to stay oil-free, here are seven things you should avoid.


You're Over-Cleansing Your Skin

According to Acne, over-cleansing your skin could be making your oily skin worse. Over-washing your face will produce excess dryness and irritate your skin. Stick to only washing your face twice a day.


You're Stressing Too Much

Women's Health noted that not controlling your stress is making your oily skin worse, too. Stress activates your "fight-or-flight" response and because of the hormonal surge, your skin produces more oil from your glands.


You Have The Wrong Diet

According to Dermadoctor, not eating right can also have a large effect on your skin. Eating high glycemic foods can lead to overactive sebum production and make your skin much more oily.


You Aren't Using The Right Moisturizer

WebMD noted that not using the correct moisturizer can be the cause the oil in your skin. Though most individuals with oily skin avoid using moisturizers because of fear that it will amp up the oil production, all you have to do is find an oil-free moisturizer instead. Be sure to vary to amount applied to the areas that tend to be dry and oily.


You Aren't Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration can also be a factor in oily skin, according to Cosmopolitan. if you're not drinking enough water your glands will begin to produce more oil to give your skin what it is missing. Be sure to drink enough water per day.


You Haven't Changed Your Cosmetic Products

Dermadoctor noted that if you've continued to use oil-based cosmetics, your skin could really be suffering. Choose products with oil-free and non-comedogenic labels to eliminate increasing your oil production.


You Aren't Using A Toner

According to Brit+Co, not using a toner after cleansing your skin is increasing your oil production, too. Using toner will help clear up your oily skin and minimize your pores.