7 Unique Ways To Celebrate Your December Baby's Birthday

by Kristina Johnson

For a lot of people, December is the most chaotic month of the year. As if the holiday madness weren't enough, things get even more hectic if you have a December baby in the family. It isn't always easy to find special ways to celebrate your December baby's birthday, given all the other parties and gatherings typically going on around the same time. It would be very easy for a child to feel like their day was being overshadowed by the excitement of the holidays, and no one wants that.

Some parents, myself included, also worry about how to differentiate between gifts for holidays and gifts for birthdays. When my daughter was born just days after Christmas, I knew I'd always want to make sure she didn't feel like her birthday was just a holiday afterthought.

Luckily, there are ways to make sure a December kiddo has a blast on their birthday while also making sure the whole family gets into the holiday spirit. Whether it's nixing red and green decor or taking the opportunity to celebrate with a special vacation, there's no reason a December birthday can't be just as awesome as one in any other month of the year.


Build The Excitement


Every year when December rolls around, people start counting down the days until Christmas. Wouldn't it be fun to build the anticipation for your child's birthday in just the same way? Count down the days with a special calendar so your kid knows their day will be met with the same hype.


Ban Christmas Wrapping Paper


Christmas wrapping paper on a birthday present is only appropriate if that present is for Jesus. Sure, you've probably got tons of extra rolls laying around, but using a birthday design for your kiddo's gift is a visual sign that this a special, separate day.


Turn Your Christmas Tree Into A Birthday Tree

If your baby's birthday falls in the days just after Christmas, you don't necessarily need to destroy all evidence of your Christmas celebration before you get into birthday mode. Replace the ornaments on your tree with balloons and your angel or star topper with a party hat and bam — you've got a birthday tree.


Embrace The Season

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, your baby's December birthday may come with cold weather, snow, and ice. Don't feel like this means you need to keep your celebration indoors. A birthday party could include a snowman building or snow angel making contest, and warm treats like a hot chocolate bar. If you live in a warm climate, book a skating rink.


Celebrate With A Theme

A birthday party doesn't have to be a holiday party in disguise. Picking out a fun theme will set a different tone for your shindig. Go black and white for a The Nightmare Before Christmas bash, or host a luau to pretend it's summer.


Take Advantage Of Holiday Vacations


With school vacations typically giving kids a decent amount of time off in December, you can take your birthday celebration on the road. A special weekend getaway or an even longer trip abroad could be the perfect way to party in style. This may be better for an only child though, unless you can plan on giving all your kids the same treatment.


Consider Celebrating A Half Birthday

Even if you've done everything you can to make sure your little one knows their special day is special, a holiday birthday may still have some challenges. You may get fewer RSVPs than you'd like because people are traveling, or they may just be busier than normal because of all the holiday hoopla. You might consider a special half birthday celebration; throwing a summer bash that more of your friends and family are able to attend. However you decide to celebrate, know that your December baby is probably just pumped for cake and presents, no matter the time of year.