7 Uniquely Spelled Baby Names That Are Absolutely Beautiful

When you're choosing a name for your child, there are many factors to finding the perfect name. Some parents want a name with a special meaning, while others choose to name their baby after a family member or important namesake. For others, uniqueness is their top priority. One way to ensure some originality is to find a baby name with unique spelling.

Granted, some parents are a little too creative with baby names to the point where they may unintentionally make their child the butt of multiple jokes. But, all extremes aside, there are definitely some awesome names out there that sound nothing like they're spelled.

Sure, there are the normal concerns about choosing a unique name for your child. Will the Starbucks barista ever spell their name right on their coffee cup? Will it take them eight years to finally learn how to spell their own name correctly? Will they ever wish they had a name like Bob or Ann so that they didn't have to explain their name to some one for the billionth time?

Maybe. But they might just love it too. Chances are, they'll love having a name that sets them apart from the crowd. And chances are, you'll love it too.



Irish names are famous for their unique spellings, and Siobhan is no exception. Pronounced "Sheh-vahn", this gorgeous name means the Lord is gracious.



Don't even try to guess this one. Prounounced "Neev" and meaning bright, this Irish name would be a perfect choice for parents looking for a unique name with a beautiful meaning.



Though the spelling looks like "Seen" this name is actually pronounced "Shawn," proving, once again, that looks can be deceiving.



Nope, it's not "Sierra", this name is pronounced "Keer-ah." It means black haired and, you guessed it, has Irish origins.



Pronounced "Shy-anne," this name was once the title of a Native American tribe (and is also the capitol of Wyoming). It means people of a different language, and would be a great gender neutral choice.



Another great name for a boy or a girl, Siloh, meaning tranquil, pronounced "Shy-low" and is a less common way to spell Shiloh.



Of course, this name has gained much of it's popularity from Zooey Deschanel, but it actually can be a great name meaning life for a boy or a girl that's pronounced "Zoh-ee".

Images: gabi menashe/Flickr; Giphy (7)