7 Unusual Tricks To Becoming A Morning Person

by Autumn Jones

Everyone knows a morning person — that rare breed of human who can be undeniably chipper before the sun rises. Have you ever looked at one of these people through your still sleepy eyelids and thought, I wish I was a morning person? Just because early rising doesn't come naturally for you, doesn't mean you can't join the ranks of those who do sun salutation as the sun is coming up. All you need are a few tricks to becoming a morning person, and before you know it, you will be kicking 6 a.m.'s butt.

As with any habit changes, getting started is the hardest part. So in the beginning you are going to need some motivation to do the damn thing. Just like ripping a Band-aid off a skinned knee, ripping the sheets off your warm, sleepy body is going to sting a little at firs. But it won't be long until the pain wears off. Then, without realizing, being a morning person will become your new normal.

It doesn't have to be New Years to resolve to wake up earlier.You just have to choose a day to start and stick with it. Ready to become that person who jumps out and bed and hits the ground running? Try out these seven unusual tricks to becoming a morning person.


Bend Time

Of course everyone one has 24 hours in their day, but what if you tricked yourself into believing you only had 23? To help you get to bed on time, and get all the sleep your body needs, Real Simple suggested you try mentally cutting an hour from your day by planning your evening as if you had one less hour. Using this trick can help you slim down your commitments and encourage you to hit the sack on time.


Lighten Up

U.S. News reported that exposure to light at your desired wake time makes it easier to pull yourself away from that cozy blanket. But what if you're a little hesitant about sleeping with your curtains pulled wide open? Not to worry. There are sun-simulating alarms you can purchase that mimic the effects of sunrise, like this Light Box Alarm. This is a great options for those who may not have bedrooms with lots of natural light, or those of us who prefer to not have our neighbors or other randoms staring in the window as we brush our teeth.


Create A Routine

If anyone knows what it's like to get motivated at the wee hours, it's the anchors of Today. In an article on their website, the chronic early risers share what helps them get up and moving each day. The key for all of them: routine. Whether it is laying out clothes the night before or taking the dog for a walk, having a routine helps to keep them focused on breezing through the morning from the first buzz of the alarm.


Prep At Night

To take the work out of getting ready in the morning, try getting as much done as possible the night before. I like to make sure my beloved coffee is prepped and ready to go when I walk in the kitchen, so I lay everything out the night before. Knowing everything is set and waiting for me makes it easier to start my morning on a good note.



I know what you're thinking — getting out of bed is enough of an accomplishment, and you're right. But exercising as the sun is coming up sets you up for a successful day. As Everyday Health pointed out, getting your blood pumping first thing has many advantages for body and mind. Not only will it kick-start your metabolism, but people who exercise in the morning report high levels of productivity.

If you need a little extra motivation, try partnering up with a friend. Knowing you have someone to meet for that morning run can be just the push you need to tie up those shoes and head out the door.


Play Hide & Go Seek

. . . with your alarm clock. The only way I made it to 8 a.m. classes in college was to put my alarm clock on the other side of my bedroom. But just to make waking up a little more interesting, how about putting your alarm clock in a different spot each night? (Or asking someone you live with to hide it and not tell you where it is.)

Chances are, that morning fog will lift pretty quickly once you are digging through drawers and turning over boxes to locate that awful beeping and buzzing.


Set Some #MorningGoals

Becoming a morning person isn't easy. Before you start your new crack-of-dawn lifestyle, set a few small term goals for yourself. After one week of waking up at your goal time, treat yourself to something special. Maybe you give yourself one weekend morning to sleep in or indulge in a mani/pedi, just be sure to congratulate yourself on moving forward with your goal. You deserve it.

Images: Dash/Fotolia; Martin Brochhaus, kaktuslampan, Brian Evans, Susanne Nillson, Dave Rosenblum; Giphy (2)