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These 'SNL' Skits Will Set The Mood This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day didn't fall on a weekend this year, but that didn't stop Saturday Night Live from celebrating the holiday in their sketches. Enjoying the time of the Valens on a Thursday can be a little bit of a downer, but revisiting these 7 Valentine's Day SNL skits can give you a laugh and lift your spirits.

The current season of SNL already produced some love-themed sketches, fittingly releasing a Valentine's Day song in the Halsey-hosted Feb. 9 episode. But Don Cheadle's Feb. 16 episode might continue to embrace the hearts and flowers. SNL has never missed an opportunity to mine the humor from the holiday. They've featured romantic advice in many forms (most of which you should definitely not follow), plus hilarious songs and commercial parodies. If you need a place to take a date or a gift to get your loved one, look elsewhere — but if you want a good laugh, look no further.

Some of these skits may give you a dose of nostalgia while others are super recent. But they have one thing in common: they're all about paying homage to Valentine's Day, with as many jokes as they can fit into a few minutes.

I Don't Want To Think Of You

Aidy Bryant, Halsey, and Kate McKinnon sing about the awkward side of the holiday: when unwanted gifts from people in your life totally kill the night's romantic vibe. Whether it's a pun-filled card from Mom or an unsolicited pink bear from your boss (Carleen, do less), these are not what you're looking for on Feb. 14.

The Ladies Man

This throwback skit from 1998 features Tim Meadows as his character Leon "Ladies Man" Phelps. During his satirical call-in show, Leon answers questions from listeners about how to find a date and shares tips for making champagne at home.

Stefon's Advice For The Perfect Date

Bill Hader's fan favorite character Stefon appears in this 2011 edition of Weekend Update to give Seth Meyers a rundown of the best places to take a date in New York City. Make sure you write this down: Booooooooof (with nine O's) is the ideal spot, in his opinion.

The Golden Rule

Technically, this digital short isn't actually a Valentine's Day skit, but it is all about romance. If you're looking for a positive bop about unconventional hook-ups (that features Lady Gaga, no less), then it's the song for you.

Every Day Is Valentine's With You

SNL has produced no shortage of lovey tunes to underscore your night, but the numbers off Garth and Kat's Valentine's Day album might not set the mood. But watching Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig improvise their way through the songs while cracking up constantly is worth any resultant mood-ruining.

CVS Has It All

This parody commercial reminds you that if you totally forgot about Valentine's Day, there's one place where you can get a present for your loved one: CVS. You can grab a necklace for a $1.99 or a toy bear dressed like a bee. That definitely won't disappoint your partner!

What Not To Buy

Another throwback, this skit features Cheri Oteri playing the extremely unsettling Joy Lipton. As the proprietor of The Erotic Attic, she knows exactly what you should pick up to celebrate the night right: perhaps some fruit roll-up condoms, or a vibrator shaped like a sandwich? The sketch is bizarre enough on its own, but Oteri's high-pitched, wavering delivery really takes it to the next level.

There's no wrong way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but these SNL skits sure come close. And that's what makes them so funny.