7 Videos Of Dancing Kids That Will Make You Forget All Your Troubles Forever

Sometimes, you just have an Alexander-style terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day — and the only way to fix it is by watching adorable things that will restore your faith in humanity. And sure, cat videos are always reliable, puppy videos will make you forever make you aww, but videos of dancing kids are hands down the best. I mean, remember when you were that young and careless? Remember when you didn't mind throwing your self-consciousness to the wind and letting your limbs fly to some good old jazz or Daddy Yankee or The Beatles?

These videos are a good way to harken back to that golden age before mortgages and job interviews and sleepless nights taking care of infant twins. You can either wallow in your misery, or you can head to YouTube for a reminder that no matter how bad things seem, there will always be a baby dancing during an inopportune moment at a formal event to cheer your heart. Because if these kids have moves like that, then the world can't be so bad after all.

Without further ado, here are some kids who know what's up. Watch and rewatch (preferably with some pizza and wine) to your heart's content.

This Preschooler, Who Decided Her Class Show Was Missing Some Spontaneity

Let's be honest here: School dance presentations are always boring as hell until one little kid decides to liven things up. Here's to that girl, who keeps dancing even after the music ends.

This Kid Directing An Orchestra

Okay, so it's not technically dancing. But I think it falls under the category, and it's also the best video I've ever seen, and I think this little kid is getting way more dancey in his moves than a traditional conductor would, so it counts.

This Boy Giving Bruno Mars A Run For His Money

Uptown funk you up. Don't believe him? Just watch.

The Tiniest Single Baby

Beyoncé: Inspiring all the single ladies and all the tiny babies since 2008.

This Boy Knows How To Jive

Look at this tiny jiver work the room.

This Girl Who Knows The Power Of Psy

Hey, it's a catchy song.

And This Future Star

I had to include a second Beyoncé track because this little girl is amazing. I couldn't keep up with that choreography at 24, let alone at two.

It might be because I'm so impressed with these tiny tots' talents, or the fact that they're so fearless in showing off their moves, but I find watching them the easiest way to cure a bad day. Here's to hoping it fixes yours, too! (If that doesn't work, I always find Taco Bell a reliable back-up plan.)