Courtesy of Sarah Bunton
7 Ways Being A Good Dad Is The Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do

by Sarah Bunton

Thanks to the term "Dad Bod" and photos of male celebs rocking a baby carrier, being a father has become the hottest new trend. Back in your grandparents' day, it was totally acceptable for a man to leave all the parenting duties to the mother and not much was said about that. But today, with gender equality remaining a hot button issue, being a good dad is the sexiest thing a man can do.

Maybe evolution made fatherhood appealing or perhaps there's just something hardwired in a woman's DNA to respond positively towards a man doing an above average job as a parent, but regardless of the reason, it's undeniable that a good father is attractive.

Haven't you ever sat around with your friends, kids playing in the background, and jokingly fantasized about the "perfect man" and what he'd be like? Is it years of reading Cosmopolitan articles or watching hours of rom-coms that have programmed women to instinctively say, "Awww!" when they see a man being a fantastic father?

If you've ever wondered these things yourself, then check out some of the top reasons why being a good dad is hands down the sexiest thing a man can do.


It Let's You Know He Cares

If a man cares enough to put effort into being a good father to your child, then that's a strong indication you mean a lot to him, too. Putting food on the table, reading bedtime stories, and doing laundry are all things he does to show you he is invested in making your little family work. So it's no surprise that knowing you and your child are taken care of feels good.


It Shows He's Passionate

In 2015, Ashton Kutcher took to the internet to publicly fight for diaper changing tables to be available in men's bathrooms. Not only did this make moms everywhere take note of this celeb dad, but it was incredible that a man was bringing attention to the sexist stereotypes that still impact mothers and fathers today. Perhaps seeing your man get so fired up about parenting issues let's you know he's still the passionate person you fell in love with before your child came along.


It Dismantles Stereotypes

Besides a baby quokka, the cutest thing in the world is a man carrying his teeny newborn in a sling. Maybe it's the juxtaposition of seeing a tough, burly guy engaging in such a nurturing, gentle act, but it's just so damn sexy. Why? Knowing that a guy doesn't care about looking "feminine" or doing "mom work" is refreshing because men have historically let women carry the parenting workload by themselves.


It Shows He's Got A Big Heart

It's not just sleep deprivation or that last glass of wine that has moms feeling it when dads bring the hotness. It turns out there's some actual scientific data to back this reaction up. In a study published in the medical journal, Evolutionary Psychology, researchers posited that women find good dads more attractive because, "altruism can better signal the genetic quality of the male, due to the 'good genes’ that are perhaps necessary for them to afford the costs of altruistic behavior." Science wins again.


It Shows Off His Goofy Side

A good sense of humor always makes the top 5 when I ask my friends what kind of qualities they look for in a partner. It takes a lot to make a grumpy toddler giggle. Chances are he'll be able to make you laugh, too.

So when you are watching a dad play dress-up or have a tea party with his daughter, your heart melts a little. Why? You know the only reason he's sitting on that uncomfortable tiny chair or wearing nail polish is because he'd do anything to make his kid happy. A man in a pink feather boa never looked so good.


It Demonstrates Authenticity

Courtesy of Sarah Bunton

When a man enjoys that he's nailing the whole parenting thing, it shows that he's genuine through his actions. They say, "there's nothing better than the real thing," and that is totally why a dad who truly loves what he does is so irresistible.

Scientists from London's Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences conducted an experiment to test how women perceived physical attractiveness in males and whether or not they thought the men liked babies. The results showed that women found men who were good dads to be more attractive which correlated to a higher level of testosterone in the males. The long-held biological belief is that higher testosterone is synonymous with a stronger mate to protect you and your offspring


It Confirms He's Humble

Arrogance isn't cute. So that's probably why seeing a good dad who gives credit where it's due is an appealing trait to many women. Humility speaks volume about a person's character and a father who rarely brags is understandably sexy.

A good dad knows he's only as good as his support system. So whether it's a single dad who's not afraid to give his Nana a shout-out for her mad babysitting skills or it's your husband appreciating all you do for the family, recognition and humility are both super sexy.