7 Ways Dads Can (And Should) Help With Breastfeeding In Public

It's often assumed that breastfeeding is strictly between a mother and her child. And though it is in a literal sense, dads have a huge role to play too. Even though mom is the one to physically produce milk and feed the baby, fathers have the chance to offer support and, you guessed it, make it as easy and stress free on mama and baby as possible. Even though it probably seems like they've got things under control at home, breastfeeding in public is another animal entirely, so naturally, there are lots of ways dads can help with breastfeeding in public.

Although most of these "tips" aren't very hands-on, coming from a mother who has nursed in public many a time — both with and without my husband — I know the value of each and every one of these points. Some may come naturally, while others might require more effort, but either way, your wife (and your baby, trust me) will appreciate and extra set of hands to help and an extra voice to speak up on their behalf.

No matter how included or separate you've felt during your child's time breastfeeding, you'd be surprised at how much your help can mean to her.


Voice Your Support

Probably the most helpful and encouraging thing you can do is to simply be supportive, and make sure she knows it. Even if it's simply asking where she'd be most comfortable nursing, or taking the initiative and asking for a booth instead of a table when you're eating out. The little supportive things you do mean the world.


Don't Stare

I know, it may be tempting, but try to avoid staring at the goods.


Be Informed

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, almost every state has legislation in place protecting a mother's right to breastfeed in public. If anyone confronts her or tries to make her feel uncomfortable, take it upon yourself to be her voice and defend her so she can focus on feeding your child.


Don't Insist She Use A Cover

Just don't.


Support Her If She Wants To Use A Cover

Because many moms do choose to nurse with a cover, don't question why or why not.


Act Normally

Your behavior can set the stage for a successful or embarrassing nursing experience for all three of you. Be calm and act like there is nothing out of the norm.


Take Over Elsewhere

Take it upon yourself to handle the other kids, order food, or do anything else that your wife is too preoccupied to handle.