7 Ways Dads Can & Should Help With Getting Baby Ready For Bedtime

To say that taking care of a baby is hard work is an understatement. Whether you work outside of the home or not, you're running on empty by nightfall. Which is why it's important to call on Dad to help out. He may not be able to breastfeed and you may not love his diaper changing technique, but there are plenty of ways dads can get involved in your nighttime ritual. If you're looking for your partner to share the load, you should know some of the ways dads can and should help with getting baby ready for bedtime.

Giving baby a soothing massage, reading a bedtime story, and taking over the last feeding of the night are just a few of the ways dads can pitch in at the end of the day to help ensure your baby gets a good night's sleep and you get a few hours to recharge. And if that's not enough of a reason for you to start delegating some of the bedtime duties, Dad's involvement in the bedtime ritual gives him a chance to bond with baby.

Starting tonight, let Dad take over part of the bedtime routine while you try to catch up on a few Zs of your own. Your entire family will thank you in the morning.


He Can Turn Up Before Turn Down

According to Baby Center, letting baby get out the last bit of energy can help make bedtime easier at the end of the day. Let Dad and baby dance around to their favorite party song before you start your bedtime ritual.


Take Over Bathtime

A warm bath is a great way to get baby in the mood for sleep. On their website, Johnson's mentioned that babies who were bathed before bed spent nearly 25 percent less time crying before going to sleep. Let Dad take over the bathing to allow the two a chance to bond before bed.


He Can Give Baby A Massage

The bedtime routine is a lot easier when your baby is in the right frame of mind. Let Daddy put his big strong hands to work giving baby a soothing massage before bed. As Parents mentioned, rubbing baby's arms, legs, belly, can help baby relax.


He Can Put On The PJs

After the bath and the massage, Dad can get baby dressed in her bedtime best. As Baby Center mentioned, dads can help out in a major way by putting on a fresh diaper and putting baby in her pajamas.


He Can Read A Story

According to the Baby Sleep Site, reading a story is a wonderful, quiet bonding activity for babies and parents to implement before bedtime. If you have to read Goodnight Moon every night, it's only fair that Dad gets in on the act sometimes.


He Can Take The Last Feeding

Feeding is another great way for dads and babies to bond. As Pregnancy & Baby pointed out, feeding allows Dad and baby to connect through the eyes as well as skin-to-skin. If you breastfeed, make sure you've expressed some milk so Dad can give baby his last feeding of the night from a bottle.


He Can Put Baby Down

If your baby's last feeding of the night is breast milk, let Dad put your drowsy baby down in his crib. As Parenting mentioned, as baby gets used to Dad putting him to bed, it will be easier for Dad to comfort him if he wakes in the middle of the night.