7 Ways Mars In Retrograde Affects Your Baby

Just when you thought you were safe from Mercury, Mars has to go all retrograde and mess with your world all over again. And if you're a new parent who's into astronomy, then learning how Mars in retrograde can affects your baby is probably a top concern. After all, you don't need any extra surprises when it comes to parenting.

Approximately every two years, the planet Mars appears to move backward in the sky during what is known as the Mars retrograde cycle, as explained in Cafe Astrology. Although it is just an optical illusion, as the planet is still orbiting in the same direction as always, astrologers find the retrograde times particularly significant. Because the planet Mars is associated with warlike passions and actions, the Mars retrograde cycle is often seen as a great time to reflect on the role of anger, assertiveness, and aggression in your life, as further explained in Cafe Astrology. For many adults, the retrograde can be a powerful period of reflection.

But how exactly are babies supposed to cope with the increased anger and frustrations so often associated with the Mars retrograde cycle? Well, new parents might want to brace themselves for some interesting outbursts or fits in the near future. Although not everything about the Mars retrograde cycle isn't negative, there might be a few kid-sized tantrums headed your way.


More Frustrated

Mars is all about the big and fiery emotions. Increased aggression and anger may be released during Mars retrograde, which might show up as increased frustration in your baby, according to Forever Conscious. Whether your kid is having a tough time teething or mastering the use of a spoon, expect more irritation in the coming months.


Super Sleepy

In general, retrogrades are a time to chill out and regroup. So like many people, your baby might require more rest than normal when Mars is in retrograde, as noted in Cafe Astrology. Maybe you let nap time go on for a few more minutes than usual.


More Aggro

By all accounts, it's the most warlike of all the planets. So it's no wonder that Mars in retrograde can cause aggression and even anger in people, as explained in Evolving Door. Screaming, thrashing fits or other displays of anger may be in your baby's future.


Dislikes New Things

If you're planning to give your baby a taste of some new food during the next couple of months, be on alert for potential meltdowns. Taking on new things when Mars is in retrograde can be especially tricky, as noted by Hello Giggles. The enthusiasm for new experiences is just not there, so don't be surprised if your kid reacts poorly to that first bite of applesauce. There's still plenty of time to come around to the idea later.


Fighting Sleep

The period of Mars in retrograde often inspires conflict as well as fatigue, as noted in Astrostyle. Both of these things could show up as your baby trying to fight off sleep, which is a particularly frustrating reaction. Hopefully you both can rest.


More Accident-Prone

Well, this is a problematic trait for pretty much anybody. But even your baby may be more accident-prone when Mars is in retrograde, as explained by the astrologer Judith Auora Ryan in her website. Hopefully those first attempts at crawling or cruising don't result in too many bumped foreheads.


Mastering A New Skill

Just when it seems like Mars in retrograde is all about grumpiness and fighting, there's an upside to this particular astrological time. In general, it's a great time to pursue a failed project with new attempts, as noted in Nylon. Maybe it's the perfect time for your kid to master the art of eating from a spoon or starting to crawl. Even this weird astrological event can have some upsides for your kid.