7 Ways Mars Retrograde Affects Your Toddler: Prepare For Major Emotions

If you're into astrology at all, then you likely know about the Mars retrograde cycle going on this summer. Basically, adults all over the world are bracing for its effects. But how will Mars retrograde affect your toddler? Well, your immediate future just might hold a bunch of tantrums.

Every two years or so, the orbit of Mars appears to move backward in the sky, and this is known as the retrograde cycle. The planet isn't actually backpedalling, however. The illusion of retrograde motion is caused by the paths Earth and Mars take in their orbit around the sun, as explained by NASA. Basically, the retrograde motion appears when Earth overtakes Mars in its orbit around the sun, like a race car speeding along an inside track.

Although astronomers understand the reason for this apparent backward motion now, people living hundreds of years ago understandably assumed the planet had suddenly reversed its motion in the sky. It possibly freaked them out a little, and all sorts of energetic effects were associated with the planets during their retrograde motion. Today, people who dig astrology still attribute certain behaviors and tendencies to planets in retrograde. So if your toddler has a particularly rough meltdown during the summer of 2018, then you can blame it on Mars in the retrograde cycle. Hey, it's nice to have a scapegoat sometimes.



Sure, toddlers aren't always the most graceful people on the planet. But the potential for accidents increases when Mars is in retrograde, as explained in HuffPost. Even more bumped heads or spontaneous trips may be in your toddler's future.


Greater Hostility

Mars is the God of War and conflict, after all, so this period may draw out more aggressive tendencies. In fact, the Mars retrograde activity might increase hostility and opposition in your toddler, as noted in Elephant Journal. Because you don't already hear the word "no" from your kiddo a hundred times a day, right?


Increased Frustration

By all accounts, this is a rough time to learn new skills or take on new projects, and these delays can be a bummer. When Mars is in retrograde, it can feel like all your activities are faced with roadblocks and delays, causing frustration, as noted in Universal Life Tools. For your toddler, this might translate to a tough time learning new words or mastering new skills, leading to greater frustration.


More Peer Conflict

Sure, teaching your kid to get along well with others can be a difficult task under the best of circumstances. But when Mars is in retrograde, more conflicts might arise between your kid and siblings or friends, as explained in Astrostyle. You might have to explain the whole concept of sharing a few more times.



Really, the Mars retrograde must be a tough time to be a toddler. Plenty of people experience the Mars retrograde cycle by feeling angry or irritated more easily, as explained in Collective Evolution. For the little kiddos, this might show up as an increase in tantrums or all-out meltdowns.


Emotional Swings

Sure, plenty of toddlers can go from one emotional extreme to another in a matter of seconds. But with Mars in retrograde, these emotional swings may be even more pronounced, as explained by Astrology Answers. Prepare yourself for some serious outbursts from your kiddo.


Super Tired

If your child is kind of listless during the summer months, blame the planets. Vitality and energy are depleted during a Mars retrograde cycle, as explained in HuffPost. Chances are, your kid will perk up when the retrograde cycle ends on August 27, 2018. Until then, just hang in there. Hopefully you and your kiddo won't experience too many negative effects from this planet in the meantime.