7 Ways Pregnancy Is Different The 2nd Time

You know by now that everyone's pregnancy experience is different. But you may not be aware that even your own subsequent pregnancies can be completely different than your first. The amount of weight you gain, the pregnancy symptoms you experience, and the way you carry will vary with each baby. But those aren't the only ways pregnancy is different the second time. In fact, there may be some differences that you never would have thought of before.

One major difference is that you may be a little more confident. Now that you've joined the mommy club, you've already pulled back the curtain and uncovered a lot of the mysteries of being pregnant. You'll spend a lot less time Googling during your second pregnancy, because you know what baby's kicks feel like, why your boobs are tender, and why your back aches.

Unfortunately, you won't be spending as much time making scrapbooks, snapping pregnancy photos and getting pampered. Because you've been through all of this pregnancy stuff before, you now have another little person who needs your attention and who could care less about your hemorrhoids.

If you can manage to find a minute for yourself, check out some of the things experts say will make your second pregnancy different from your first. And if you have a third pregnancy, you can guarantee that one will be completely different as well.


You'll Feel Your Baby Move Sooner

As OB-GYN Dr. Ann Hofstadter told Parents, mothers may feel their babies move as soon as 14 weeks the second time around. But it won't be because your baby is doing anything differently. It's simply because you have a better idea of what's going on inside your tummy.


You'll Be More Tired

You may have had time to relax and recharge during your first pregnancy, but the same may not be true this time. Caring for your older child will zap a whole lot of your energy, and you probably won't have time to catch many cat naps. As Women's Health noted, second time moms will find themselves feeling more tired.


You'll Be More Relaxed

On the other hand, you will probably notice that you're a lot less stressed out about your pregnancy the second time around.Women's Health also noted that you will go into your second pregnancy with a lot more confidence. You already know you can deliver a healthy baby, so you'll have less to worry about.


You'll Look Pregnant Sooner

Your abdominal muscles will do some serious stretching during your first pregnancy, and unfortunately they never really go back to the way they once were, as Parents mentioned. As a result, you will notice that your second pregnancy is visible to others a whole lot sooner.


Your Aches And Pains Will Be Worse

You may have been wearing heels during your first pregnancy, but this time, you will definitely be opting for flats. According to Baby Center, you are more likely to experience back pain after your first pregnancy. This is especially true if you are not able to get your abdominal muscles back into shape after baby number one.


You Will Carry Lower

You may notice that you have to make more frequent trips to the potty with your second pregnancy. That's because the second time around, the fetus will drop lower in your abdomen, as Parents pointed out. You can blame it on those weakened abdominal muscles again. After being stretched during your first pregnancy, they won't be able to support baby the way they did before.


Your Labor Will Be Shorter

You can look forward to a shorter labor with your second pregnancy, as Today's Parent explained. Your uterus and cervix have been through childbirth already, which can help make the stages of labor (particularly dilation and effacement) shorter.