7 Ways To Avoid Pit Stains & Keep Sweat At Bay

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Growing up in a state that was known for it's humidity meant dealing with awfully embarrassing sweat stains underneath my armpits more often than I'd like. No matter how much deodorant I piled on before leaving the house or how cool I tried to keep myself, there was just no way to make it through the day without the pits of my shirt being soaked through. Because of this, finding ways to avoid pit stains was an essential for my style and self confidence.

I can think of so many instances where I've had to throw away a few of my favorite T-shirts because the pits had become so stained. And white shirts were the worst. Once the first sign of a yellow stain appeared on them, there was no way to wear the shirt in public again. I always feel like there's no amount of deodorant that I can put on that would stop the stains from appearing. Even on my sleeveless tops, the sweat stains just find a way to ruin those too. Living in a humid location can be super tough, but these seven tricks to decrease the amount of pit stains that occur can help keep your wardrobe intact.


Wear A Less Expensive Undershirt

Try this tip from wear a less expensive undershirt. According to the site, the undershirt will absorb most of the moisture and keep your nicer shirt reserved for nicer things.


Wear The Right Deodorant Or Antiperspirant

Figuring out if you should be wearing deodorant or antiperspirant is another way to avoid pit stains too, according to Teen Vogue. Deodorant helps with the smell, while antiperspirant helps with the sweating. If breaking a non-stop sweat is a problem of yours, find a antiperspirant-deodorant combination to help.

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Remove Excess Pit Hair

According to Thrillist, remvoing excess pit hair helps with avoiding pits stains because too much pit hair acts as a trap for excess moisture. If your adamant about letting your armpit hair grow, consider trimming it to get the same affect.

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Watch Your Diet

Whether it's believable or not, what you eat has a huge impact on your sweat glands. Women's Health magazine noted that garlic, onions, and curry can all come out through your sweat causing your shirt to stain quickly.


Use Garment Shields

Sara Tan for Bustle wrote that using garment shields are ways to help you stay fresh and dry when you're in a sweaty situation.

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Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Although caffeine is an important part of most people's day, Men's Journal wrote that caffeine will kick all of your sweat glands into overdrive. Limiting your caffeine intake, especially during the warmer months, can make it easier to just wear a deodorant and not an antiperspirant.


Wear Less Deodorant

Slathering on multiple layers of deodorant doesn't help decrease your sweaty pits. Instead, Thrillist noted that putting on one layer of deodorant, letting it fully dry, then putting on your t-shirt will help with avoiding pit stains.

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