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7 Ways To Conceal Your Pregnancy At Work

The first few months of pregnancy are an exciting and critical time. Although you and your partner may be overflowing with excitement about the arrival of your new baby, you may be worried that something could go wrong. And you may have some hesitation about telling your coworkers until you are sure everything is OK. But how do you hide your pregnancy from people you spend so many hours with every day? If you're not ready to spill the beans, you might want to know a few ways to conceal your pregnancy at work until you're ready to share your news with everyone.

It can be difficult to explain why you're avoiding happy hours and coffee breaks, particularly if you've worked with the same group of people for a long period of time. But it is possible to do things to keep people guessing until you are ready to make your announcement. Dressing differently, bringing lunch from home, and faking a not- so-serious illness can get you out of drinks after work and sushi lunches without having to answer a lot of questions.

Try some of these tips to keep your bump from being the subject of the office gossip. But when you're finally ready to share the news at work, you may get a lot of "I thought sos" from the people in your office.


Bring Your Lunch

As What to Expect suggested, you can bring your lunch from home if you're trying to avoid sushi or other foods that could be harmful to a pregnant woman. Just tell your coworkers you're putting yourself on a budget.


Keep A Candy Dish

If you're suffering from morning sickness, it may be tough to hide it from your colleagues. But it's not impossible. As PopSugar suggested, keep a dish of peppermints and other candy on your desk you can suck on if you start to feel sick.


Dress To Distract

You can hide your growing baby bump at work by dressing strategically. Just trade in those pencil skirts and form-fitting tops for something that gives your belly a little more room to breathe. As Parents suggested, wear loose fitting tops like tunics with a legging or slim fitting pant on the bottom.


Get A New Look

If you want to distract the folks at work from your growing belly, try changing something else about your look to keep them guessing. As suggested by Best Health magazine, a new haircut or makeup look can take the focus off of your bump.


Cut Back On Coffee

You may need to come up with an excuse to drink less caffeine until you're ready to share the news of your pregnancy. As What to Expect suggested, you can tell your coffee break buddy that you're giving up coffee due to trouble falling asleep. If you want to make it even more believable, tell her that it was doctor's orders.


Invent An Illness

As PopSugar suggested, you can get out of drinks at happy hour by telling your coworkers that you are taking antibiotics. You certainly wouldn't want to mix your medication with a martini.


Drink More Water

If you're feeling nauseous, fill up your water bottle to help you keep your tummy trouble from the rest of your office. As What to Expect suggested, drinking water or ginger ale can help alleviate some of the queasiness that is associated with morning sickness.