7 Ways To Conceal Your Pregnancy When You Start To Show, If You're Not Ready To Tell

The first few months of pregnancy can be a bit awkward, to say the least. You definitely know you're pregnant — the nausea, bloating, and exhaustion speak for themselves, making sure you're well aware of your tiny inhabitant at all time. On the outside, however, everything looks perfectly normal. If you're not quite ready to spill the baby beans just yet, there are lots of ways to conceal your pregnancy when you start to show.

Keeping your pregnancy to yourself (or just between you and your partner) for as long as you can is totally normal and acceptable. After all, once you're obviously pregnant, there's nothing you can do to stop the questions from rolling in, so enjoy the privacy while you can.

Whether you want to conceal at work, hide your mini-bump during a family gathering, or hit the gym without bearing it all, the way you dress can work wonders in covering up your little secret for the time being. And once you decide to tell, it will make it all the more surprising for your friends and family. And who knows, maybe you'll even discover a hidden talent for acting. Either way, don't worry, your secret is safe with me.


Avoid Form Fitting Clothes

Obviously, your tight dresses and shirts won't be the best options for concealing the baby bloat. While tight pieces are adorable later in pregnancy, for now you'll probably want to stick to flow-y tops or looser box-y cuts.


Draw The Eye Upwards

Along with loose clothes, wearing a scarf, statement necklace (that doesn't go too low), or a new hairstyle can draw the eye upwards and away from your growing belly.


Layer Up

Layers can work wonders at distracting the eye. Bring out your favorite cardigan, blazer, or jacket and wear it unbuttoned to hide the tummy.


Avoid Maternity Clothes For Now

Maternity clothes are often designed to accentuate your stomach, so if you're trying to avoid that, it makes sense to stick to your "normal" clothes while they still fit. You'll have plenty of time for maternity clothes in the coming months.


Befriend You Black Clothes

Black is notoriously slimming and hides well. Now might be the perfect excuse for that new LBD you've been eyeing.


Embrace Prints (But Maybe Not Stripes)

Although stripes aren't able to hide your tummy, other prints like animal prints, can be distracting, so take a walk on the wild side and pull out the daring prints.


Blame Your Exhaustion On Work Or Other Projects

Although it's not fashion related, you're bound to get asked why you're suddenly antisocial and avoiding your favorite alcoholic beverages or morning coffees. Little white lies might become your saving grace for the next few weeks.