7 Ways To Do Your Hair & Makeup With A Screaming Toddler On Your Hip

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of perfect time management. Most of the people who claim to have the skill are most likely lying or don’t have children. Knowing how to properly allocate your time becomes an absolute necessity when you add children into the mix. Yet many parents wonder how to find time for hair and makeup when you have kids who are constantly under foot. It can feel downright impossible most days and putting on real pants often counts as an accomplishment for a lot of moms, myself included. Chances are, you probably even have a board on Pinterest dedicated solely to time-saving beauty hacks.

But you shouldn’t worry because you’re not alone when it comes to wishing there were more hours in the day. Parents everywhere struggle with finding free time when you have children. Focusing on family, work, and everything else can leave you feeling like there's no time left for your beauty routine. But before you think you have to either hire a full staff or give up on ever having nice hair and makeup, think again. Surprisingly, there are many little things you can do that, when they add up, save you a lot of time when you’re trying to get ready. So check out these simple tips to find more time and create a quicker, better beauty routine.


Skip Some Steps

Pre-baby, I had a crazy morning routine: opening my pores with a nice steam, using an in-depth cleanser, applying a mask, and finishing with a moisturizer.Instead of using multiple products that involve many time-wasting steps, skip some. Try using a toner in place of a full-on face wash and save the scrubs and masks for the weekends or when the kids are asleep.


Involve Your Kids

If you're spending most of your time trying to keep the kids out of your bathroom or preventing child-related catastrophes, this tip may surprise you. Rather than fighting with your child for personal space, involve them. Depending on their age and interests, you can buy an inexpensive makeup set so they can do it right alongside you. Let them pick out your eye shadow color so they can feel involved


Use Combo Products

You'd be surprised just how much time you can save yourself by condensing multiple steps into just a few. My bathroom counter used to be lined with moisturizers, foundations, sunscreen, and loads of makeup. Parent or not, you just don't need that many products.Tinted moisturizers, foundations with SPF, and makeup that doubles as blush and lip color are all ways you can reduce the number of products you have to use. And fewer steps mean more time!


Keep Them Busy

If your children don't want to get involved, there are other ways you can keep them busy while you're taking care of yourself. You can give them kid-friendly crafts, have them make a scavenger hunt for you to do at a later time, or give them some chores and, if necessary, you can motivate them with incentive.


Extend Your Wash

I'm not suggesting you skimp on the hygiene front, trust me. But you might be doing something in the morning can drastically suck up your time. Instead of wasting time with the washing, blow drying, and styling, you can breathe new life into your hair by using dry shampoo. If you're worried about the dry shampoo being too noticeable, you can apply it the night before so it will be all worked in by morning.


Do Things In Advance

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it may be a simple hack you're overlooking. Make a list (in your head or on paper) of all the things you have to do to get yourself ready in the morning. Then see how many of those items can be done the night before. Curl your hair the night before so you have loose waves in the morning or apply your moisturizer at night.


Rock Wet Hair

Rather than spending precious minutes just waiting for your hair to dry, wear it wet. You can add styling cream or a pomade to put your hair up in a slick bun. Or, to add waves and body after it's dry, opt for braiding your hair back while it's damp.

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