Take Your Workout Pants From Spin To The Streets

by Lauren Schumacker

Over the past few years, athleisure has been on the rise, with more and more women wearing their yoga, pilates, and running gear as their all day, every day outfits of choice. Now that I mostly write from home, yoga pants and sweatshirts have become my daily uniform, only dressing in regular clothing when I have non-work plans. Luckily for all those who've embraced the athleisure trend and want to take it even further, there are ways to dress up yoga pants, so you wear them anytime, anywhere.

One high (or, honestly, maybe low) point of the last several years is the emergence of the dress pant yoga pants, which are sold on various websites, including that of San Francisco-based online clothing company, Betabrand. They really, truly look like dress pants that you can wear to an actual yoga class, if you so choose. If you're not so much into the idea of a pair of yoga pants that actually resemble dress pants, but you're still hoping to be able to wear yoga pants nearly exclusively (no judgment, I get it - they're comfortable), then try these seven ways to dress up the yoga pants you already. Just because you're wearing yoga pants doesn't mean you can't look at least kind of nice, right?


Pair With A Dressy (But Long) Blouse

This one's tried and true and is just about the easiest way to dress any pants up, in my opinion. Pair yoga pants or leggings with a pretty blouse, but, as Buzzfeed cautioned, make sure the blouse is long enough to cover your crotch and butt. Honestly, not having to worry about potential wardrobe issues will probably make you feel even comfier.


Add A Jacket

Professional stylist Rob Zangardi told Vogue that the key to making fitness clothes work off treadmill is to make sure the accessories have a somewhat sporty feel. Zangardi suggested a leather jacket with some structure to it, for example.


Slip Into Some Heels

Although pairing workout wear with heels seems to defeat the whole comfort thing, it's a sure-fire way to dress up an outfit. Rebecca McKinney Blair, founder of the Whistle Club boutique in Santa Barbara, California, told Fortune that a you can dress up yoga pants with heels and a dressier blouse, which will make the overall look a little more formal.


Pull On A Sweater

An upgrade on the yoga pants and sweatshirt combo, a sweater gives you all the comfort and a dressier end result. According to SELF, pairing yoga pants with a cashmere sweater just might make them work-appropriate.


Bring On The Boots

Pairing that comfy pair of yoga pants, leggings, or tights with a pair of boots can polish up an otherwise quite casual look, according to SELF. A slightly dressier outfit featuring yoga pants sounds like the perfect outfit to wear for an occasion like brunch with family or friends.


Don't Forget Jewelry

Adding some jewelry, trendy or classic, is an easy way to glam up a more casual, workout wear-centric outfit. Erica Harriss, an entrepreneur from the St. Louis area, told The Today Show that she pairs her activewear with a sweater or other top and focuses on jewelry to gussy things up when she's planning a lunchtime workout.


Remember The Details

If you're going to try to dress up your yoga pants or tights, consider using their built-in features to your advantage. According to ClassPass, choosing pants with an interesting detail can help disguise that they're yoga pants, so not only can you wear yoga pants everyday, but no one will even know.