7 Ways To Get Beach Waves Without Going In The Ocean

With summer almost here, the need to hit the beach is undeniable. Whether you're just a lover of the ocean or just want to feel the cool breeze hit your face, heading to the beach on a hot day is like none other. Another reason the beach may be on your agenda right now is get the most perfect waves in your hair as the aftermath. Unless you're in a state that's nearest to water, not everyone has the luxury for daily or weekly beach wave hair. Never fret though, because there are plenty of ways to get beach waves without going in the ocean.

Although beach waves are not really my thing to sport, I always find them to be super pretty on others. There's something about that messy, but chic look that many women achieve when they wear their hair in beach waves. And, not surprisingly, most of the women rocking this style of tresses didn't achieve them by going to the beach. Done at home with multiple techniques, there's a way to get that perfect beach hair regardless of the length or texture of your hair.

Not convinced that you can pull it off? These seven tutorials will help you find the best option to get your tresses flowing for summer.


Heatless Beach Waves

If you're looking for a way to get the perfect daily beach waves without causing heat damage to your hair, comedic YouTuber Andrea Russett delivers an easy and effective way to get heat-free beach waves.


Big Messy Beach Waves

If you're more of a big hair fan, Desi Perkins gives you the go-to technique for getting the biggest beach waves you'll ever see (out side of the ocean, of course.)


Twisted Beach Waves

Using a light flat iron, the twisted beach waves method may be the easiest and quickest way to get your locks in formation


Curling Wand Beach Waves

Looking for a more defined curl when it comes to this summer hair style? Miss Alex shows how a simple curling wand can create beach waves.


Mermaid Waves

A mixture of a curls and waves, Alex Centomo's tutorial for mermaid waves may take a little more time to accomplish, but the aftermath is totally worth the wait.


Beach Waves For Short Hair

Creating beach waves for shorter hair just got a bit easier with The Pastel Fox's tutorial.


Effortless Beach Waves For Natural Hair

Natural girls, you have not been forgotten. Naptural85 on YouTube has got you covered with a gorgeous way to get beach waves for natural hair that doesn't involve any water. You're welcome.