7 Ways To Go Braless & Give Your Boobs The Freedom They Deserve

It’s easy to have a love-hate relationship with your bra. Sure, they’re great for giving the girls a boost, but after dealing with saggy straps, weirdly shaped cups, or downright murderous underwires for too long, sometimes you just need a break. Fortunately, there are some ways you can go braless without getting arrested for public indecency.

Yes, it’s true — our society still has a lot of maturing to do when it comes to all things boob-related. Just ask any breastfeeding mom. Chances are, you’ve been taught to hide your headlights in any situation, even though your breasts aren’t doing anything but existing. They still deserve to be freed from their boob cages sometime, right?

So here are a few tips for going braless in any fashion scenario, including running errands around town. Whether you’re looking to camouflage your lovelies or just flaunt it all, there’s a tip for you. But fair warning, if you master all of these techniques, you may never go back to the bra life again.


Formal Events

Formalwear is probably the most amenable clothing for going braless, as strapless dresses are usually rigid enough to hold everything in place. And if you’d like to go bra-free in a slinkier dress, you can always just use some fashion tape or a pair of pasties to keep your boobs reigned in. As an added bonus, you’ll likely feel about 20 times more comfortable without the bra.



Camisoles are perfect for going bra-free, and some have built-in shelf bras that may offer a little support. Blousy empire tops are another great option for stealth bralessness. But if you want a little suppor, then crops tops A especially the more structured ones — are essentially a bra and top in one.


Working Out

Your average weight training session or bike ride probably won’t change if you opt out of the bra, and some workout tanks are so snug that you really don’t need one. For more vigorous aerobics or distance running, you may want to take a note from Runner’s World and slap on some band-aids to prevent nipple chafing.



Why take up valuable suitcase space with a bunch of bulky bras? To go bra-free when you’re out of town, pack some tops that are made from thicker fabric, and embrace layering. For instance, a tank top paired with a drapey cardigan makes for a perfectly comfortable travel outfit.  



Okay, so even the most adamant bra-shirker may balk at going to work without one. But it is possible to put together an office-appropriate outfit without that one undergarment. Top a button-down blouse with a thick cardigan or structured blazer to keep all of your secrets under wraps.


Happy Hour

If you want to grab some drinks with your friends, but the brassiere is just not happening, go for a halter top to give a little support, a chunky sweater in a thick fabric, or a cute top with a strategically draped scarf. Or just show up as you are; your friends will understand the need to skip bra day on occasion.



What, wear a bra to sleep in? Not very likely. If you want some support while you drift off, opt for a comfy bralette or a bandeau top. Nary an underwire in sight to disturb your slumbers.

Images: Courtesy of Lauren McKinnon/Flickr; Giphy (7)