7 Ways To Keep Baby's Skin Moist While They're Sleeping

I dare you to find anything more glorious to touch than the soft skin of a baby. All that freshness, yet to be marred by sun exposure and environmental pollutants is enviable and lovely at the same time. But there is a price for maintaining that signature complexion babies are known for, and it's not as simple as adding a few daps of moisturizer to their daily routine. That delicate skin deserves the best, and needs maintenance around the clock, which is why working ways to keep baby's skin moist when they're sleeping into your daily routine will help fight off dryness and irritation.

Although babies are born with that next-to-prefect skin, keeping it that way requires dedication from parents. According to the website for What To Expect, "your baby's brand-new skin is not only thinner and more sensitive than yours, but it also produces fewer moisturizing oils than the grown-up version." Things such as indoor temperature, weather, and exposure to skin irritants can cause baby's skin to cross over to the dry side. To make sure moisture stays locked in while your little one dreams, use these seven ideas for soft baby skin that will stave off the dryness around the clock.


Use A Cool Mist Humidifier

Get your hands on a cool mist humidifier to help your baby's skin stay moist while she snoozes. This product not only adds moisture to the air, but adds moisture to baby's skin as well, according to the website for What To Expect.


Scale Back On Baths

As precious as evening bath time can be, every night can be too much for that fresh baby skin. According to Parenting magazine, taking a bath twice a week is enough to keep your baby clean and protect their skin from becoming dried out.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

An outer glow comes from within, even for wee ones. Keep moisture in your baby's skin, by making sure she stays hydrated around the clock, as Baby Center suggested. Even if your little on isn't old enough to drink water, breast milk will get the job done.


Avoid Irritants In Products

Being gentle with baby's skin will help to keep the moisture locked in. To give your bambino soft, hydrated skin, skip any products with common skin irritants such as fragrance and deodorizers, as Parents magazine recommended.



All these tips are useful, but if you're not lathering you baby in lotion before bed, the other attempts will only go so far. When choosing a moisturizer for your baby, Mayo Clinic recommends using one that is unscented. Once you find a product you like, slather you little on up before putting on her jammies each night.


Keep The Thermostat Low

Not only does a cool room help your baby sleep better, the right temperature will also keep her skin moist. The website for What To Expect suggested setting your thermostat as close to 68 degrees F as you can, in order to prevent warm air from wicking the moisture out of the skin.


Use Gentle Detergents

Anything that touches baby skin can cause it to dry out, including their clothes. According to Healthline, harsh detergents can be the cause of dry skin flare ups and irritation for babies. To keep the moisture locked in, wash your baby's clothes in gentle detergents to avoid potential dryness.