7 Ways To Keep Your Baby's Skin Moisturized In Dry Weather

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

With winter quickly moving into everyone's lives, finding ways to keep your skin moisturized should be on the top of the list. And for new mothers, finding ways to protect your new baby against the harsh, dry weather is just as important. Though wrapping them up in blankets and layering them in warm clothes may seem like the things to solve that problem, there are more affective ways to keep your baby's skin moisturized in dry weather.

My sister had my niece in the month of January, when the weather was both cold and dry. Although they're in Florida and the weather doesn't get as cold as it does in other places, my sister struggled with keeping my nieces skin moisturized. After finding out she had eczema, her list of remedies to decrease the dryness became her top priority — especially during the months where the temperature dropped below the normal.

Whether your child suffers from eczema or if you're just looking for a way to be proactive against this year's dry weather, make sure you have your list handy of ways to keep them as moisturized as possible. If you're not sure what can help, these seven things can get help you get your moisturizing game up.


Use A Humidifier At Night

According to Baby Pibu, using a humidifier at night is a way to keep your baby's skin moisturized. Since turning the heat on can dry out your baby's skin, replenishing it with a humidifier while they sleep is a good option.


Keep The Bathtime Short With Lukewarm Water

Though letting your baby splash along in warmer water may be fun for them, Sharecare noted that keeping your bathtime limited is best for keeping your baby moisturized. Long, hot baths can easily dry out your baby's skin, so be sure to keep the water lukewarm, too.


Pat Your Baby's Skin Dry

According to What To Expect, patting your baby's skin dry instead of rubbing it can help keep the skin moisturized, too. Too much rubbing can dry out or chap the baby's delicate skin.


Use Oils To Lock In Moisture

Using an oil, like coconut or almond, on your baby's skin will help with keeping it moisturized, according to Being the Parent. You can also choose to add a teaspoon into your child's bath to help lock in the moisture, too.


Use A Hydrating Ointment

Baby Pibu Hydrating Ointment, $17, Amazon

Baby Pibu noted that if your baby's skin is starting to get dry, bumping up their moisturizer from a cream to an ointment will help put the moisture back in. Ointments like the Baby Pibu hydrating ointment ($17) are the most effective at preventing water loss from the skin.


Add Oatmeal To Your Baby's Baths

What To Expect noted that adding a bit of oatmeal to your baby's bath is a way to keep your baby moisturized in dry weather. The oatmeal is used as a way to soothe your baby's skin.


Keep Them Warm, But Don't Overdress Them

Being The Parent noted that overdressing your baby can cause them to lose moisture. Instead of wrapping them in so many layers that will cause them to sweat and develop heat rashes, try dressing them in a warm jacket on a soft layer of a t-shirt.