7 Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Your Soulmate

by Olivia Youngs

Most people have had their share of failed relationships. Whether it was your high school sweetheart, a fling that fizzled out, or the one that got away, chances are you’ve been there. In searching for love, you meet plenty of potential partners and may think someone is “the one.” And although it may be tricky, there are plenty of ways to tell if your partner is your soulmate

Now, I’m sure my mere mention of the S-word has led to several shudders and eye rolls. I admit it, I was a skeptic too. I thought that love at first sight, soulmates, and happily ever afters were all merely phrases coined by Walt Disney himself. Now, several years into life as a married woman, I’ve learned that a true soulmate is absolutely attainable. (Although I’m still a little unsure about love at first sight.)

Whether you’re the “fall head-over-heels in love” type or a skeptic who’s hesitant to give your heart away, there are plenty of signs if someone is in it for the long haul or if it’s just a phase. Here are a few ways to know whether the one you’re with is the one or just another one.


You Can Picture A Future Together

I don’t mean you see yourselves eating sushi tomorrow night. A soulmate is someone you build your life with. Someone who seamlessly fits into your dreams, whether it’s travelling the world, starting a family, or creating a business. And although you don’t have to agree on everything, you two should share similar values and ambitions. If your paths are completely diverged, then they most likely aren’t the one for you.


You Just Get Each Other

As cheesy as it sounds, there is something to be said about couples who finish each other’s sentences or communicate with just a look. If you meet someone and immediately feel that connection, like you know them without even having to talk, there’s a good chance they’re your soulmate.


They Make You A Better Person

Your soulmate will support you, but also push you to try new things. And you will do the same for them. That being said, there’s a big difference between challenging someone to be their best self and changing them to fit your standards. If you feel like your SO is molding you into an entirely different person, then you should call it quits before you lose your identity.


You Fall In Love With Their Flaws

Everyone else may see your partner’s incessant whistling as annoying, but you’ve learned to love it (or at least tolerate it.) Even if you didn’t find these traits cute in the beginning, overtime you may start to see them as endearing or unique. Being able to overlook these little flaws is a sign they might be your soulmate.


You Can Be Yourself

When you’re with your soulmate, you won’t have to work hard to impress them. No more spending hours perfecting your appearance, or trying not to fart around them. (Don’t tell me you’ve never held in a toot around a potential partner before.) Just being yourself will be enough to make this person smile. And as for the farting? They’ll probably think it’s cute.


You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

When you find someone who accepts every aspect of you – good and bad – and makes you smile even when you want to cry, you won’t want to experience a life without them. And, if they are your soulmate, you won’t ever have to.


You Have a Gut Feeling

Sometimes you have to trust your intuition. Being with your soulmate will feel so different from being with anyone else that you will just know.

Images: Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr; Giphy (7)